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Bibi Wong Pictures from BA
Pics, articles.

Biography of Gardel and Piazzola
El biógrafo de Gardel y Piazzolla. El historiador británico fue un estudioso e investigador del tango internacionalmente reconocido, y un gran amante del género.

Buenos Aires - NY Times
On a recent autumn afternoon in Buenos Aires -- just-spring in the United States -- when the relentless blue of the Argentine day was softening to a richer gold, I found myself wandering alone on Avenida de Mayo and in its plaza. I was near the end of my trip. I laid tired eyes on the cathedral and Casa Rosada, the impressive pink government house, and on a...

Claire Piper's pictures and movies
BA, Bariloche, Patagonia, Pirate Milonga, Monterey.

Courtney Love on Music Piracy
The controversial singer takes on record label profits, Napster and "sucka VCs." What is piracy? Piracy is the act of stealing an artist's work without any intention of paying for it. I'm not talking about Napster-type software. I'm talking about major label recording contracts.

Don Augustin Bardo (Calrin.com, Spanish)
La orquesta acaba de sacar un disco enteramente dedicado al compositor de la Guardia Vieja. Lineztky cuenta por qué.

Eduardo's evening at the White House
I would like to share with you my personal experience attending the state dinner at the White House on January 11, 1999, and being, in a way, part of the set up of the show. The initial idea came from Melinda Bates, a milonguera from Washington DC and an assistant to President Clinton.

Elements of Dance Etiquette - large compilation
Dance etiquette is a set of guidelines that help us navigate the social dimensions of dancing. Why do we care about dance etiquette? Because it is nice to know how to go about in the dancing circles. It makes the difference between having a happy or unhappy dancing experience, the difference between people wanting, or not wanting to dance with you.

Lots of NYC Dance Pics, various styles.

FAQ about dancing AT
What is dance floor etiquette? How do I ask for a dance? How to say NO to a dance? What if I don't want to dance in close embrace?

Foto-Report on Tango - Clarin.com
El camino hacia el "Mundial de Milonga" Hacia fines del pasado mes de agosto se realizó en Buenos Aires el segundo Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango. Allí se lucieron cientos de parejas con orígenes variados.

Frugal Traveller BA (New York Times)
In Buenos Aires, Late Nights and (Very) Low Prices. 'IN Buenos Aires these days, everyone is having problems sleeping,'' said my Argentine friend César as we strolled down a street in Palermo Viejo, the neighborhood of shops, bars and restaurants known locally as the SoHo of Buenos Aires. It was around 3:30 a.m. on a weekend, cool enough for a leather jacket, but the sidewalks were alive with people still reluctant to call it a night, looking for another bar, another sidewalk cafe, in which to linger.

High heel risk factor
Wearing high heeled shoes does not increase the risk of osteoarthritis of the knee, new research has shown.

High Heels Dangerous for Health
The idea that high heels can be hazardous to your health isn't new—orthopedists have warned women for years that high heels can contribute to the development of a variety of conditions from corns and calluses to hammertoes, arthritis, chronic knee pain, sprained ankles and back problems.

High-heeled shoe ailments
An investigation of risk factors for symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee in women using a life course approach.

History of Bandoneon
The bandoneon, which looks something like a large square concertina, is another free-reed instrument which has, until recently, rarely been heard outside dance halls. The New Grove Dictionary does not even give the instrument its own listing; it merely mentions one sentence about it in passing, tucked away within a two-page article on the concertina.

History of the tango - The Economist
TAXI-DRIVERS in Beijing have Mao Zedong as their talisman. In Buenos Aires, Jorge Malcinas has hanging from his rear-view mirror a picture of the late Osvaldo Pugliese, the great bandleader of tango. Indeed, the driver has dozens of pictures of Pugliese to bring him good luck: about the cab, his person and his house. He needs them more than most mortals do, he explains, for he lives a stone's throw from the house of ...

History of the Tango
The exact origins of the Tango are not clear, but it does go back well over 100 years. Beginning just before the 20th Century, the Tango evolved, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in Montevideo, Uruguay. 'The Tango', is Argentina's (and Uruguay's) contribution to the world of dance.

History of the Waltz, forbidden dance
Many people consider tango to be the world's first "forbidden dance." This is not so. The first dance to earn this distinction was the waltz, due to its nature and origins. 

We examine the story of the dance, from its earliest stages, through its worldwide success before and after the First World War, the Golden Age from the mid 1930s until the coup in Argentina in 1955, the dark ages of Tango when the dance was pushed underground and persecuted, and the fabulous Tango renaissance which has spread the dance once again all over the world. An overview of the history of the music examines its evolution and the influences that formed it, putting the great Tango artists in context.

How antiperspirants work
Most people put on either deodorant or antiperspirant before leaving the house. There are some products that perform both functions. These products are used to control sweat and odor in our underarms. There are two types of glands in our underarms, apocrine and eccrine.

How Manhood is wrecked
But when we study the mass of people, we find that only a small percentage approaches perfection on either the physical, mental or moral plane. See the enervated and stunted fathers, the nervous and sickly mothers, the puny and weak children, the lustful sons and fallen daughters, the poorly developed bodies and dwarfed minds, the paupers and the criminals, the epileptics, the feeble-minded and the insane!

In BA, Researchers Exhume Long-Unclaimed African Roots - Washington Post
Their disappearance is one of Argentina's most enduring mysteries. In 1810, black residents accounted for about 30 percent of the population of Buenos Aires. By 1887, however, their numbers had plummeted to 1.8 percent. So where did they go? The answer, it turns out, is nowhere.

List of Tango Music Labels (Wikipedia)

Little BA booms in Miami - St. Petersburg Times
Argentines fleeing their home country and a 3-year-old recession are carving out their own place in Miami Beach.

Lots of reports from BA (Tango and Chaos in BA)
When you dance tango you must give everything. Wait for the right music,and then give EVERYTHING. If you can't do that, do not dance.

Luis Bunuel Biography (Wikipedia)
Buñuel was born in Calanda, Teruel in the region of Aragón, Spain. He had a strict Jesuit education and went to university in Madrid.

Making the Most of those Long Argentine Nights - NY Times
A visit to a city where energetic visitors can dance electrotango, attend an indie theater and drink a chichi martini with an exquisite cut of grilled meat - all in one night.

Mambo and Missteps - Washington Post
It's notoriously difficult to capture in prose the passion and quicksilver footwork of dance; attempts to replicate the intricacies of, say, the mambo can sound less like praise songs than like cattle auctions or VCR instructions. Patricia Chao's "Mambo Peligroso" stumbles a bit at the start but gathers momentum before long.

Miguel Angel Zotto
Miguel Angel Zotto es la figura más prominente del resurgimiento del tango en la década del ochenta. Descubierto por Ana María Stekelman, quien lo incorporó tempranamente en sus creaciones, Zotto dio el gran paso internacional junto a Milena Plebs con la creación de Tango X 2, formación que marcó el punto culminante de la fusión entre la perfección técnica del ballet contemporáneo, y la “raza” a tierra, bien a tierra, del tango más porteño.

On the Tanda (Wikipedia)
A tanda is a set of pieces of music, usually between three or five, that is played during a milonga (place). Most common the music is a tango, a milonga or a vals. Between two tandas a cortina might be played.

Passion for Tango turns Bedroom into Closet - NY Times
Don't call Bebe Winkler before 11 a.m. Not that you'll wake her. She's been dancing all night, and she'll be curled up with Lady Irene, her copper-colored poodle, on the chenille couch in her living room, the ringer turned to ''off'' on her phone. Ms. Winkler, a decorator known for her traditional and luxurious interiors, has lately taken up the tango, and the dance has rewritten every aspect of her life, including where she spends the night.

Ragtime Dance (old dance instruction manuals)
Taking advantage of the popularity of the tango, Eileen Swepstone published, also in 1914 The tango, a pamphlet that promised to present tango steps "shorn of crudities which caused it to be criticized."

Rituals: There will never be a last Tango - NY Times
Night after night it's the same: I don't know his name, and tomorrow I won't remember his face. I might remember his strong arms or the way his cheek pressed mine. He might remember how my leg wrapped around his, how easily my body moved in his arms. But most likely, these details will blur like the fast-stepping legs of the tango dancers around us.

Robot Follower developed by Japanese University
A team at Tohoku University has developed a robot that can follow a human dancer's lead, according to the team's leader, Kazuhiro Kosuge. Judging through hand pressure applied to its arms and back as well as dance steps being made, the robot can predict a dancer's next move before turning at the appropriate speed.

Seattle Times Tango Article (requires free registration)
"Cadencia," Patricio Touceda said gently, rocking the beautiful Eva Lucero in his arms. She curled up against him as though they were in a world all their own, lovers that they are.  "Cadencia ... it's a gentle rocking motion," Touceda told the tango students at a Capitol Hill community center, where he and Lucero were teaching beginning classes. "Now you begin your turn."

Selecting (Ballroom) Dance Shoes
What to Look For: Soles: The soles of your shoes may be the most important feature. If the soles grip the floor too much, you can strain or twist your ankles, or knees, when trying to do turns or spins. If the soles have no grip, and slide too easily on the floor, you will be constantly fighting the floor on direction changes, slipping enough strain your leg muscles, or even slipping enough to fall.

Sex in Logs - London Times
Miguel Angel Zotto holds his hands delicately in front of his torso as if clutching an unseen partner, his head tilts back and his eyes glint in the gloom of a Roman café. "Tango is my life," he says slowly and deliberately. "I need to dance; if I am not on stage, I will die." The afternoon before, I watched Zotto rehearsing Tango por Dos, his company of Argentine dancers, for the show, Perfumes de Tango, which following a European tour, arrives in Britain on April 7.

Solo Tango in Buenos Aires - Cherie Magnus
It's just before dawn, and our small group of Argentines and Americans are tired and filled with reverie after a night of tango. We're drooped over cafes con leche on an old wooden table in a run-down nineteenth-century coffee shop. The large party over by the dark windows also look like they've been up all night having a good time. The men are wearing jackets, the women decolletage, all somewhat portly and of a certain age.

Some musings over dance
Knowing a lot of dance steps is fun, but the true art of social dancing, and its greatest pleasures, lie in great partnering.  As the tune goes, it ain't whatcha do but the way that you do it.  The nonverbal lead-follow connection between partners is the essence of social dancing. This page briefly discusses the fact that ultimate leading and following is not only a matter of skill, but also of attitude.  But first I'd like to clarify that...

Some Tango Pictures
The dances are getting better and so are the photos...

Tango - Die Geschichte von Musik und Tanz
Die Einführung von Arne Birkenstock und Helena Rüegg - von Carlos Gardel bis Astor Piazzolla. Buchzusammenfassung.

Tango booms in tims of Crisis (BBC)
Tango lessons and clubs are booming - so much so that a recently published report claimed tango is potentially a key export product for Argentina. It could generate some $400m in annual revenues. New tango venues are springing up all the time and some of them are busy every night of the week.

Tango Dance (Wikipedia)
Early tango was known as tango criollo or simply tango. Today, there are many tango dance styles including Argentine tango, ballroom tango (American and International styles), Finnish tango, Chinese tango, and vintage tangos. Argentine tango is regarded as the "authentic" tango since it is closest to that originally danced in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tango Dancing with High Heels
There are many different styles of dancing. Only in a few are high heels ever worn by the ladies, namely disco and tango dancing. One may wonder whether there is any difference between dancing shoes and regular street shoes. The answer is yes. Dancing shoes are lightweight and better constructed to take the pounding a dancer gives to them. However, some dancing shoes are reported to be poorly constructed.

Tango in Finland
Finland has taken the potato from Peru - potato in Finnish is peruna, by the way - and the tango from Argentina. Both these South American imports are cultivated in these northern latitudes perhaps even more devotedly than in their countries of origin. Pekka Gronow reports on the way in which the tango has taken root in Finland and stubbornly survived even the arrival of Elvis and The Beatles.

Tango in National Geographic
Music, champagne, beautiful women, gorgeous men, perfume that drifts through the air like a song, songs that linger in the mind like perfume. The union of two bodies transformed into one? Total subjugation? My Humphrey Bogart? I decide that it's high time to sign up for tango lessons.

Tango Lesson Movie Review
Sally Potter gave us the slightly controversial "Orlando" and left teeth marks that she would return. She comes back bitingly in a triple terror of directing, writing and starring in "The Tango Lesson". She leaves no doubt that she more than holds her own in this fabulous film. Her co-star and choreographer Pablo Veron, really gives her tango lessons which in reality serves as lessons that life really teaches us.

Tango Pool on Flickr
Argentine Tango Pool.

Tango students submit to the passion - Summer Study Guide 2004
Argentine tango is a dance of the night--and passions that breed in the dark. It's infused with desire and loss, impossible tenderness, insatiable hunger. So what am I doing at 9:30 in the morning dancing tango on the top floor of the Holiday Inn in Emeryville, California, with sun streaming in windows that overlook San Francisco Bay?

Tango Tales and Latin Soul - Washington Post
The weather report: Hot and steamy. The party report: Hotter. Steamier. We've entered the screwball season in Washington, that torrid time of year when the only rational thing to do is grab a cold drink and a hot date -- and then hope for the best. Three parties, three thermogenic tales. Hot: When Marina Palmer falls in love, she falls.

Tango Time - Northeast TImes
The music tells you when to begin each dance. The bandoneon (a type of accordion) emits melancholy cries as the contra bass provides a robust tempo for the dance. Violins, cellos and piano add texture to the lilting sound of the tango. And then it starts with a salida, or exit step.

Tango, Our dance - Tutorial
In the land of the do-it-yourself and the cult of self-reliance, those of us who decided to learn to dance the Argentine Tango are constantly lectured on the "unstructured and improvisational aspects of this urban dance," and then we are immediately bombarded with an endless array of steps, figures and Spango, a list of Tango names that are supposed to help the English speaking students memorize steps and patterns better. Adding to the mystification of the "unstructured and improvisational dance," are the myriad of traveling “teachers” who carry suitcases full of steps, judgments and ego. At the local level, there are a few methods and systems in circulation that contribute to the bedlam that most “beginners”, “intermediates” and “advanced” level dancers face on a daily basis.

Taxi Dancers (Clarin.com, Spanish)
Al calor del turismo tanguero, una nueva especie puebla el ecosistema milonguero. Por un puñado de dólares, se ofrecen en alquiler para bailar con aficionadas extranjeras. Los taxi dancers vienen pidiendo pista.

The Church of Tango - Cherie Magnus
It was known as La Catйdral. Not easy to find in Buenos Aires' dark side streets at three in the morning--no signs, no cars, no people in front. But once I climbed the stairs to the second floor of the old warehouse, I could hear the siren call of  music. It was eerie and scary, mounting those stairs alone, but I was helpless to do otherwise, a pilgrim drawn to the altar of Tango.

The First Tango King
To the Finns, Olavi Virta (1915-1972) is the real king of the tango. Few Finns have ever heard of Carlos Gardel, the original tango king, who reigned supreme until his fatal plane crash in Medellin in 1935. During his long career, Virta made almost 600 records and several feature films.

Why feet stink
Everybody is familiar with this phenomenon. Most of us have a friend or relative who can clear out a room when they kick off their shoes. And even the sweetest smelling person can do a decent job stinking up a pair of shoes by running a few miles in them. So what's going on here? Why do your feet have a stronger odor than the rest of you does?

Why Tango is not a Latin Dance
Most Americans do not realize that there was a great deal of immigration to SOUTH America as well North America in the 19th century, especially by Germans, Spaniards, and Italians. According to a fact book on Argentina, this immigration reduced the native population by as much as 90% (sound familiar?). By contrast, the immigrants and natives in Brazil did far more co-mingling. Thus the tango from Argentina is European in origin while the samba from Brazil is "latin" (which actually means "Afro" in ballroom dancing) and, in this case, Brazilian.

Yerba Mate (Wikipedia)
Yerba mate or hierba mate, or sometimes called simply mate, is a shrub in the holly family Aquifoliaceae, native to South America, used as a herbal tea. It is often misspelt maté in English to distinguish the pronunciation and meaning from the English word mate (by association with words of French origin whose é distinguishes them from otherwise identically-spelt words, such as "résumé" and "resume").


Dance Forums
All styles, including AT.

Dancescape dance forums
All styles. Please join us in fun and passionate discussions about Dance, and share news or information with other Dance Addicts from around the world. If you are a Dance Studio, Club or Association, please visit our networking area at globaldancedirectory.com.

Hudson Valley AT Group on Yahoo
The purpose of this group is to inform its members of tango events in a broad geographical area centered in the Hudson Valley, which runs from New York City to Albany, New York and beyond. All members can post tango-related messages to the entire group, and there is no restriction on members' locations or the locations of the events they announce. Thus, messages appear covering events across the state and even nationwide and international in scope.

Talk Tango Forum

Tango-L Mailing List
Tango-L is a discussion list for discussion of any aspect of the Argentine Tango and Tango-A is an announcement list for major Tango events worldwide. Tango-L was founded in 1995 and Tango-A was created in 1999 to separate the discussions on Tango-L from announcements of events by their organizers on Tango-A.


24 Tango

A Swedish Tango Blog

An ever fixed mark

An Italian Tango Blog

Astor Piazzola Blog
The Maestro… If you wanted to reflect the pure concept of passion in music, that would be Astor Piazzolla's music.

lets dance (eat, sleep, talk) tango...

La Planchadora
I started taking tango lessons. Now they're taking me.

Milonga Blog
Nights of Argentine Tango in the Milongas by Neil Liveakos. A web log of what is notable and who is nameable; what is remarkable, and who is memorable. A web log of my journey to find the Argentine tango.

'My life as not-so-good tango leader'
Once in the metro, I kept guesstimating my chances to meet the ponytail girl, while my classmate remained silent. Then he changed the subject. "- Yunno, I'm not sure I'll stick with tango. Maybe I'll try something else".

'Obscure Tango' Blog
My approach and interest in tango is very unbalanced in the direction of transcendent or trance tango. This leaves me with very little to offer in the dance if that level of connection doesn’t manifest.

On Tango, Love and Other Demons
The musings of a Tanguera on Tango, and the little angels and demons Tango has unleashed for her.

Sorin's Blog
My thoughts about tango dancing, riding motorcycles, photography and other unrelated subjects.

Tango Argentino Blog
Tango Music Blog and Podcast.

Tango DJ

Tango In Her Eyes
Tango and the Art and Science of happiness.

The beginnings of Argentine Tango for one man.

Tango in Buenos Aires--from the point of view of a Californian who lives there.

TangoParis blog (French)
Almatrio hier en concert, trop grosso. 'El Pibe y Chaves': l'ami de mon maître et la gamine qui danse avec l'envie que j'avais à son âge. La Milonga Florida, bastion de mon expression et amitié avec Madame Chemla. Demain pratique dirigée avec 'el pibe' à partir de 18hs. Presque Buenos Aires.

The not so secret life of an American woman in Buenos Aires. In 2004 I sold everything I owned to move to Buenos Aires Argentina. I went from being a high powered computer geek to a tango dancing bed and breakfast owner and English teacher.

Learning the Argentine Tango.

Tiger's Tango
Lexa's Argentine Tango blog, including teaching schedule, cool cosas of interest, fotos, milongas, lunfardo, ficciones, un poco gossip, y mas.

Tina Tangos
Blog about Tango and Buenos Aires.

Weblog of Quests
Directory of Tango Blogs.


Argentina Tango
Info on the Tango: history, styles, music.

Ballroom Tango figures with some pictures

Tango Mob instructions

Tango Wiki by Peter Forret

Tango, magazine about relationships (not much tango content)


Spanish Dictionary and Translator (Elmundo.es)

Spanish dictionary

Virginia Tech Music Dictionary