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General Tango Portals

Worldwide portals related to Tango.

Art, lyrics, lessons, dancers, events, artists, articles and forum. Includes a section for professionals. In English and Spanish.

All About Tango, Argentine Tango Guide
Designed to be a complete on-line English language guide to the Argentine Tango. Tango lovers, dancers, and even students doing a paper on tango will find this website useful. A part of the AR Tourism Argentina Information Network. Tango city guides, history, articles, shop, mailing list, trip to Buenos Aires.

All Things Argentine Tango
Articles, tips, etiquette and tango terms. So, tango has found you & has changed your life (or soon will) or maybe you & the dance are still deciding what to do with each other. Whatever. Been there. Understand. These pages are offered with enthusiastic support for the truly, mildly, nearly & about to be Obsessed

Apurotango Argentine Tango in Los Angeles
Classes, where to dance, tours to BA, music, videos. Founded by Linda Valentino, is dedicated to preserving and promoting authentic Argentine Tango, Milonga and Vals Cruzado as they are really danced in the clubs of Buenos Aires. Linda teaches in Los Angeles and Pasadena.  She co-sponsored the first Buenos Aires-style "milonga" (tango dance party) in Los Angeles from 1994 to 1996. She started bringing master teachers several times a year to Los Angeles from Buenos Aires in 1992, and provided the first opportunities to teach and perform in the United States.

CiberTango - Todo sobre Tango
Les damos la bienvenida a este espacio en la red donde la intención es brindar un servicio a los amantes del tango, ese universo particular producto de la alquimia de elementos tales como una música de una personalidad avasallante, un baile surgido de la pasión suburbana, los encuentros furtivos y la necesidad de transmitir emociones y dejarse llevar por la mística ciudadana. Es nuestro deseo que este sitio crezca y se enriquezca con las experiencias de las personas que gustan y aman el tango, por lo que desde ya abrimos la puerta de este sitio a todos ustedes para que nos cuenten sobre las cosas, buenas y malas, del tango.

Club de Tango
articles, books, magazines, scores, agenda in BA, forum. La revista bimestral con artículos de investigación, entrevistas, información de la actividad tanguera en la Argentina y en el mundo, comentarios sobre Compact Discs recientemente editados, y mucho más sobre el tango. 

Cyber-Tango - everything about Tango
Articles, lyrics, music, shows, TV, city maps, travel infos, jokes. By Garrit Fleischmann, Germany. In English and German.

El Portal Del Tango
Articles, biographies, lyrics, orchestras, dance, films, and large catalog of Tango songs. In English and Spanish.

El Tango, history, Carlos Gardel, MIDI Tango, ..
History, exhibitions, Midi music, videos, books, CD's events. In English and Spanish. Tango argentino, tango dance, tango song, Carlos Gardel, Tango poetry, Tango history, books of Tango. All of it has a place in these pages of El Tango, a site by José Alberto Mariñas, Madrid.

Travel reports, pictures and Flash Mob's.

Articles, Forum, Dancepartners, Events. From Denmark.

Gregorio's Dance Links
Official Home of Iowa City Tango Club & SE Iowa Tango.

Joe's Tangoweb
Tango happenings in Central Illinois and beyond.

Milonga y Tango, Argentina
Todo el Tango en el Mundo.

Dedicated to the rapidly growing, global group of dancers and listeners of argentine tango blended with contemporary elements. Discussion forum, browse music, read articles. After astor piazzolla's revolutionary compositions, tango has continued to evolve by fusion with jazz, electronic music and other genres, finally leaving behind the predominantly melancholic flavour associated with traditional argentine tango. The vibrant and colourful new music is inspiring dancers to exploit the rich repertoire of perhaps the world's most powerful partner dance.

To preserve, foster, and advance the traditional values of the Argentine Tango in all its manifestations.  To promote the fundamental ideas and values of the Argentine Tango culture and social backgrounds through friendship, leadership, and expertise.

Rio Plata Institute
Dedicated to culturally enrich audiences throughout the world with music, dance and other artistic impressions from the River Plate area of South America. Find out how you can enjoy the music, dance and other forms of art from this rich cultural area, right in your city

Dedicated to "tango argentino", the original tango dance from Argentina. It is based on several years of collecting information about tango dancing.

Tango Argentino de Tejas
Information about Argentine tango including reviews of instructional videos, guides to tango music, articles about learning and dancing tango, links and a listing of tango events in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Tango City

Tango e Vita
Link list, video clips, articles in English and Dutch. Dirk Barbier, Belgium.

Tango Pulse
A heart beating in time with the music. Feel the pulse of Tango.

Tango Info
Lots of links, artist data, compositions, CDs

Website für die Tangoszene und deine Begegnung mit dem Tango. tangoinfo ist unabhängig (keine Tanzschule, kein Veranstalter). Besonderes Anliegen ist die Unterstützung von jeglichem Engagement im Tango-Umfeld.

Tango-L Coweb
Coweb stands for "collaborative website." Essentially, it is a website that anyone can edit from anywhere. So, a group can develop a website together. Given the way discussions tend to go on the tango-l mailing list, I thought it might be interesting to set up a coweb for this group.

Information service on Argentinian Tango music and dance: tango, milonga, photos, mpeg, mp3 music files, a discography and lots of links to Tango organisations. Encyclopedia, yellow pages.

Musicians, singers, dancers, interviews, history, lyrics, discographies, music, postcards. In English and Spanish.

Articles, mp3, events, history, teachers, dancers, forum, reviews, bandoneon, music.

Yumba Tango Mailing List
Mailing list for discussion of the Argentine tango. The list is independent of any organization and is aimed towards anybody who reads any of the Scandinavian languages Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.