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Musicians and Orchestras

676 Nuevo Tango, Daniel Zisman
Tango Nuevo, Bossa Nova and Third Stream Music (with its fusion of classical music as well as jazz) are border-crossing phenomena that mix local and national traits with universal meaning. 676 Nuevo Tango cultivates these phenomena in concerts, musical theatre and lectures.

Adriana Varela
ADRIANA VARELA is a major Tango female singer in Argentina. Her professional debut took place in 1991, with the Argentinean press and musicians considering her "the tango's voice revelation" of the last decade.

Adrian Veredice y Alejandra Hobert
Dancers residing in Buenos Aires taking part in shows.

Agnolim Milonga
Biggest Tango Orchestra of Ankara, Turkey.

Alberto Morales
Cantor de Tango. Buenos Aires.

Alexander (Sasha) Mitenev
Plays the bandoneon. Russia & the Netherlands.

alTango Orchestra plays Argentine and World Tango
alTANGO! - la música del grupo es como su nombre, "!para bailar el TANGO!" Los clásicos tangos argentinos de "la época de oro del tango" 1910-50, para bailar y escuchar, son la base del repertorio del grupo. alTANGO! - A menudo da conciertos en las noches del tango, osea milongas, promociona desde el principio de su existencia la unión de la música en vivo con el baile. Los músicos son estudiantes y licenciados de la Academia de Música de Federico Chopin de Varsovia.

Andorinha Tango
Das Sexteto Andorinha spielt Tango argentino zum Ball und zum Konzert. Das Repertoire umfasst mehr als 70 Tangos, Valses und Milongas. Die meisten dieser Themen wurden zwischen 1900 und 1950 komponiert.

Andrée Lapeyre, Avignon, France
Her first step towards the training of music led her to the conservatoire where she familiarized with the music rudiments while following violin, and later piano courses. Passionned by classic dances she turned to tango which she dances in the French milongas but also frequently in Argentina where she enjoys to be impregnated with this culture as well as with the life and beauties of this country so dear to her "corazón". In the porteño world she was adopted like porteña and nicknamed "La Morocha".

Anibal Pichuco Triolo
"El Bandoneón mayor de Buenos Aires" (The Greatest BA 'Bandoneon') 11/07/1914 - 18/05/1975. He plays, because he never left us, the tango most loved by his contemporaries and even respected by the new generations. His body of work includes original compositions and interpretations of hits from Buenos Aires city music. "Gordo Pichuco" represents a piece of history of tango and of this city's night life.

Antonio Cervila
Best known in Argentina as a performer and choreographer, also played in Saura's Tango film.

Argentijnse tango muziek
The Foundation of Argentine Music in the Netherlands is about Argentine music: rhythms, instruments and Argentine musicians performing in Holland. Most of the information is not available in English. You can read about Javier Rodríguez and about Misa Criolla in English. Of course you can listen music in Real Audio on this site. You can visit the Opus Cuatro website for information in English about this vocal group and the Eduardo Tami website about this musician.

Comprises the duo Frabrice Ravel-Chapuis and Jaques Trupin.

A collective of musicians who are not afraid to bend the rules of both jazz and tango. While some may want to call it tango-jazz, the music is much more than that.

Bajofondo Tangoclub
Argentina and Uruguay (the countries united -and separated- by the Río de la Plata), Bajofondo Tango Club ranks amongst the most representative rioplatense recordings. Producers, musicians, and singers, artists from both fields united in a unique blend of tradition, experimentation and surprise. This is a trip to the bajofondo-underworld, a chance to chill in the cadencias and manic breathing of the bandoneón, a glimpse of life in el Sur: An intoxicating, south-of-the-south land of sentimiento, pleasure and pain. Bajofondo Tango Club is drama you can dance to.

BelTango Quinteto - Belgrade Tango Orchestra
First authentic Tango orchestra from the Balkans. Daniel Piazzolla noted on May 14, 2002 in Buenos Aires: "I am proud that the band  such as Beltango exists in the world, and plays the  music of my father the way it should be played. I was  sincerely surprised when I saw and heard Astor Piazzolla's music performed with the same sensation on the place so different from ours. Obviously, my father's music is completely universal, and Beltango proves it by their marvelous interpretations".

Berretín Tango - Sitio Oficial
Show, history, discography, photos, agenda. "El Berretín" es un metejón, es pasión, es devoción, es energía, es la férrea convicción de que es posible hacer realidad los sueños; es trabajo y es paciencia, es lucha y es calma, es ilusión y es vitalidad; es la comunión entre guitarras, contrabajo, voz y bandoneón que, a la cuenta de cuatro, se transforma en Tango.

Bluehawk, Ankara, Turkey
Sunday tango studies(1998-2002) and Musical Pages(1999-) were brought to life by two highschool friends, Dr.Ferruh Yavuz, MD and Prof. Dr. Fatih Canatan. They had both lost their fathers in 1998 who were also close friends. They decided to play tango in the weekends just to cope with their sorrow. Other tango entusisasts - including some other MD's - volunteered to join occasionally which made the group vary in quantity and quality. On 17th August 1999 a terrible earthquake occured in Turkey with a loss of 30000. The two friends created Musical Pages web site for promoting aid for the survivors. F.Canatan with the nickname bluehawk undertook composing original tangos for the site to improve traffic. Nobody had an idea about how significant this effort would be in raising aid to the survivors.

Blue Tango
Das Duo „Blue Tango“ mit Gustavo Lanzon am Klavier und Christoph Linke, Saxophon, verbindet den Blues von Buenos Aires, nämlich Tango, mit dem Jazz von New York. Durch die Instrumentierung mit Saxophon und die rhythmisch beeindruckende Spielweise von Gustavo Lanzon, durchdringen sich die beiden Musikstile der Emigrantenstädte.

Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Cayengue
The ensemble's musical interpretations are romantic, melancholic, lively and sometimes rough, but always passionate. They emphasise the fact that the tango is indeed world music, and show clear influences from pop, jazz, salsa, classical and contemporary music. The bandoneons, the heart and voice of the tango, lead the other instruments in the sextet with the pulsating force of the canyengue: the fierce rhythm characteristic of this musical style. Canyengue is for the tango what swing is for jazz.

Carolina Iotti
Has played in films and theatre.

Caroline O'Connor

Caruso Martel, Guitar Duo
Composed of two Argentinean guitarists, this duo distinguishes itself for composing, adapting and playing songs of different musical genres such as the Tango, Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Argentine Rock Music and rhythms from the River Plate.

Cecilia Gonzalez

Cesar Coelho, Dancer, Instructor, Argentina
Cesar Coelho belongs to a traditional family of dancers. His studies include classical ballet and modern jazz, perfecting himself in Argentine Tango. He performed in "Enter Borges y Piazzola", "Tango Magia y seduction", "Tango" directed by Carlos Saura, "Forever Tango". Cesar was part of the compañy "Tango Pasion". Cesar is a tango dancer and instructor at the age of 23. His Lessons combine the technical analysis of movement, the sensory interpretation of music and the fundamentals of this passionate dance: How to interpret the music, and develop the following within the body.

Chico Frumboli
Dancer, Gitango, Paris.

ColorTango Orchestra
The style of the Color Tango Orchestra is the continuation of the so-called Decareana School, which begun in the mid-1920's and developed by great masters such as Alfredo Gobbi and fundamentaly Osvaldo Pugliese. Romantic and full of expressive forces, tango in the 1940's evolved within this movement with a treatment of arrangements which was both agile and open to innovation.

Combo Tango and Hege & Ole Armund, Bergen, Norway
COMBO TANGO plays traditional Argentinean Tango mixed with some original compositions written by Gjersvik. During Bergen Tangofestival 2001 Combo Tango recorded a CD. COMBO TANGO plays music by Ole Amund Gjersvik.

Corina de la Rosa y Julio Balmaceda
Since 1996 they have had a unique style leading the latest trends in tango and adding to it the traditional ellegance of tango saln.

Daniel Binelli
Daniel Binelli from Argentina is an internationally renowned master of the bandoneon, seasoned composer and experienced arranger specialized in all styles of tango. Binelli is widely acclaimed as the foremost exponent and torchbearer of the music of Astor Piazzolla. In 1989, Binelli joined Astor Piazzolla´s New Tango Sextet, touring internationally. Previously, from 1968 until 1982, he was a member Osvaldo Pugliese´s Orchestra, for which he created many arrangements.

Daniele di Bonaventura, Italy
Nato a Fermo (nelle Marche), Daniele di Bonaventura, compositore-arrangiatore, pianista-bandoneonista, ha una formazione musicale di estrazione classica (diploma in Composizione) iniziata a soli 8 anni con lo studio del pianoforte, del violoncello, della composizione e della direzione d’orchestra e convertitasi più tardi in un forte interesse per la musica improvvisata. Le sue collaborazioni spaziano dalla musica classica a quella contemporanea, dal jazz al tango, dalla musica etnica alla world music, con incursioni nel mondo del teatro del cinema e della danza.

Danny Malando's Tango Orchestra, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ein Abend voller Leidenschaft, Romantik und Spektakel - mit wundervoller Musik. Tangoklassiker wie ‚Olé Guapa’ und ‚Blue Tango’ begleiten Sie zurück ins schwüle Buenos Aires der Zwanziger Jahre. Lieder aus Argentinien, aber auch bekannte Chansons aus Europa.

De Puro Guapos
A Orquestra Típica de Tango De Puro Guapos nasceu na cidade de São Paulo, em junho de 1999, quando o bandoneonísta argentino Martin Mirol buscava músicos brasileiros para tocar a música de sua terra.

Demoliendo Tangos - Federico Mizrahi, Luis Longhi

Diego Curisatti
Su repertorio abarca música renacentista, barroca, clásica, romántica y contemporánea, asi como también tiene un amplio repertorio de tango y de música folclórica argentina.

Duo Diagonal, Germany
Jörg Siegloch, Akkordeon und Hans-Christian Jaenicke, Violine.

Espace Temps, France
Espace Temps est créé en 1996, à Lyon. Après avoir fouillé le répertoire déjà écrit pour la formation, le quatuor choisit des destinations musicales plus lointaines en engageant notamment un travail de recherche et d'arrangement sur le tango argentin.

Esteban Cortez y Elena Vilarino, Uruguay, Dancers
At present, Cortez-Vilariño are the most famous tango partners in Uruguay. They come from different schools (she started as a classic dancer, and he made his first steps in the folklore world). They use concepts acquired from the Argentinian masters Virulazo, Copes-Nieves, Los Dinzel, Luis Solanas and Raúl Bravo. They dance in shows, interpreting the different styles of the tango dance, from the "canyengue" style to the tango fantasy.

Faggiano Duo, Buenos Aires
Matias and Agustin Faggiano, brothers belonging to the New Generation, play predominantly waltzes and milongas in a wide repertoire including popular music from various parts of the world. A singer or professional dancers occasionally join in. They have played in the Academia Nacional de Tango, The Museo Mundial del Tango, Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, Museo Casa Carlos Gardel, among others, and have recorded a CD which is played on radio in BA.

Fain-Mantega, Buenos Aires
The contemporary Tango duo from Buenos Aires of Paulina Fain on flutes and Exequiel Mantega on piano. The website has music, photos, tour information and is in English and Spanish. On their repertoire they take classics of Tango with personal versions, new compositions and Astor Piazzolla music. Their music has a particular and original sound, with an intimate character and virtuosity.

Fantango, Austria
Tango Argentino in der Urbesetzung mit Flöte, Gitarre und einem Tanzpaar.

Fernandez Fierro
Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro.

Fervor de Buenos Aires
Retomamos la esencia creativa y estilística de la orquesta típica del maestro Carlos Di Sarli. Es su manera rítmica y sentimental de interpretar el tango, la que elegimos para poder expresar las emociones del barrio, el alma de suburbio que vislumbro Carriego; las costumbres y el paisaje que Borges supo enaltecer en su fervor de Buenos Aires.

Flor de Tango
Flor de Tango, a tango band from Argentina in the San Francisco Bay Area, plays a repertoire ranging from old-guard tango to modern styles like Horacio Salgan or Astor Piazzolla. The band was created in November 1996 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is based upon the traditional flute and guitar line-up. Flor de Tango does concerts and shows with professional argentine-tango dancers. The band is available for private and public events such as receptions, corporate&private parties, festivals, night clubs&restaurants, and Milongas - social parties where the tango is danced.

Gabriela Rojo
Gabriela Rojo native born Argentinean has been entertaining audiences all her life. She has traveled with her dance troupe, “Los Cordobeses” all over the world – from Argentina to Russia and locations in between. The international group danced The Flamenco, The Tango and traditional Argentinean Folk dances. Gabriela has also organized a substantial number of tango workshops and tango gala events in Vancouver at which such high profile dancers as Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida have been invited to perform.

Giovanna Tango, Montevideo, Uruguay
Giovanna began her studies as a tango singer in 1994, taking lessons in voice and improvisation with Beatriz Pazos, and began performing shortly thereafter. Three years later, she was awarded the prestigious "Iris" by the critics of El Pais, Uruguay's largest newspaper. Since then, besides becoming a sensation at home, she has performed at clubs and festivals in the USA and Europe.

Performs the passionate and captivating traditional music of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Drawing on arrangements from the Golden Age of Tango, the group combines renditions of early 20th century tangos, milongas, and waltzes with original compositions in the classic style. A provocateur of tango in Austin, Texas, Glover Johns Gill leads the group on accordion and bandoneón. Accompanying him is Justin Sherburn on piano and Chris Maresh on bass. The Tosca String Quartet completes the ensemble, and the result is a tango orchestra much like the classic groups of Francisco Canaro, Carlos Di Sarli, Anibal Troilo and Osvaldo Pugliese.

Grupo Lautaro
El grupo se forma el día 3 de julio de 1999, en la ciudad de Rosario, Provincia de Santa Fe, República Argentina.

Gustavo Naviera y Giselle Anne

Henny Langebeld & Bailante
Wereldmuziek door wereldmusici: gespecialiseerd in Tango, Fado/ Zuid Amerikaanse muziek en Zigeunermuziek. Muzikale leiding: Henny Langeveld, Zang en presentatie: Loeki Knol.

Joaquin Amenabar
In his solo concerts, Joaquín Amenábar has performed music of various periods and genres. He is the first bandoneon and director of the Orquesta Típica de la Guardia Vieja.

Julian Hasse
Orquesta de estilos Tangueros.

Klaus Johns, Austria †
Der Vater des Tango Argentino in Graz ist am 19.10.2004 völlig unerwartet
von uns gegangen.

La Atipica Tango
Quartet formed by young Argentine and French artists, playing diverse styles.

La Mariposa Orchestra, France
L'orchestre LA MARIPOSA a été fondé en 1999, à Toulouse, par des passionnés de tango argentin. La formation actuelle comprend, au complet, dix musiciens amateurs qui se réunissent chaque semaine pour travailler un répertoire composé principalement de pièces pour le bal (Tangos, Milongas, Valses). Les titres interprétés sont composés par les plus grands noms du tango: Di Sarli, Pugliese, Arolas, Troilo, Plaza, Piazzola.

Las del Abasto
Un sexteto que surge en el año 1999 recorriendo las diversas épocas del tango a través de un variado repertorio, en su mayoría con arreglos propios, y en algunos casos respetando los arreglos originales como homenaje a los grandes Maestros del Tango. Este repertorio incluye temas instrumentales y cantados  dentro de los tangos, milongas y valses que se han convertido en los representantes de nuestro patrimonio cultural, así como también composiciones propias.

Libertango Kwartet, Belgium
Libertango Kwartet is ontstaan in het najaar van 1996 toen 4 musici besloten om eindelijk hun gezamenlijke passie voor de muziek van Astor Piazzolla te koppelen aan hun professionalisme en een nieuw ensemble te vormen. Het kwartet koos voor de naam 'Libertango', naar de beroemde tango van Astor Piazzolla en een samentrekking van 'libertad' (vrijheid) en 'tango'. Het ensemble veroorlooft zich namelijk om de tango te spelen op een persoonlijke wijze. Door de jaren leerde de ervaring dat Libertango Kwartet zich uitstekend leent om gecombineerd te worden met tango-dansers, voordrachtkunstenaars,...en dat het ensemble zich zeer goed in zijn sas voelt in bars, jazz-clubs, festivalpodia ed.

Lina Avellaneda, Singer, Author, Composer, Argentina
Lina Avellaneda ha construido a lo largo de seis temporadas consecutivas un espectáculo único dentro del género con: Los más bellos Tangos del 30' al 50', aquellos cuya temática aún hoy nos sigue conmoviendo por su vigencia. Los nuevos Tangos de Lina en co-autoría con Nicolás Ledesma, José Ojiviecki, Pablo Mainetti, DAniel Binelli y otros. Los maravillosos arreglos de Jorge Rutman, Virgilio Expósito, Cesar Angeleri, Osvaldo Burucuá y otros. El Humor ácido, crítico, provocativo y actual en monólogos y diálogos con el público. La femenidad, la sensualidad y el erotismo en coreografías y puesta en escena. El juego vocal y corporal con la gente. La mejor ternura en imitaciones homenajes a los grandes. Una estética multimedia fina, inteligente y actual.

Mandragora Orchestra
A collective of Tango musicians from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra
Dances played at Denver tea dances include the one-step, two-step, waltz, foxtrot, tango, the half-and-half (five-step waltz), the occasional maxixe, and novelty numbers.

NARCOTANGO is a deep embrace between Tango and the electronic music atmosphere of our time.

Norberto Vogel
Link List of Tango Orchestras and Musicians.

Novjaro Quintet
Repertoire consists of Astor Piazzolla's tango nuevo. Finland.

Olivier Manoury
Instrument maker building violins, violas, baroque and folk instruments. He started playing bandoneon and became a bandoneon tuner and restorer. He now concentrates exclusively on playing, turning professional in 1979. France.

Otero Dance Company, Argentina
Do Stage Productions, Corporate & Private Events, are Choreographers, and offer Dance Instruction. Choreograph for movies, theatrical productions and weddings. Every year take Tango enthusiasts on a journey through the birthplace of the Tango: Buenos Aires, Argentina. We visit all the hotspots of the city along with excursions to the countryside.

Orquesta Tipica de la Guardia Vieja
La orquesta aspira a recuperar los mejores momentos de las grandes orquestas de las décadas del 30 y 40, con su expresividad y su rigor técnico. El repertorio está compuesto de tangos clásicos de grandes compositores como, entre otros, Julio De Caro, Pedro Laurenz, Agustín Bardi y Eduardo Arolas. Con cuatro bandoneones, cuatro violines, piano y contrabajo, la formación contribuye a recrear el estilo interpretativo de la época de oro del tango. Formada a fines de 1999, hace su primera actuación en público en octubre del año 2000.

Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro

Orquesta Tipica Gente de Tango, Buenos Aires
They interpret the style of the great Carlos Di Sarli, on orchestrations of José Libertella, Federico Scorticati and of Enrique Seoane. They accompanied the ex-singers of Di Sarli as Mario Pomar, Roberto Rufino, Roberto Florio and Horacio Casares.

Otros Aires, Buenos Aires
AUdiovisual Electronic Tango.

Pablo Veron

Pablo di Lauro, Bandoneon Player
Nací hace 34 años en la ciudad de San Nicolás, provincia de Bs. As Comencé mis primeros estudios a la edad de 8 años. Mi primer maestro de bandoneón fue (Don Guillermo Mori), más tarde la vida me llevó por otros, que me dieron lo mejor en cuanto a técnicas, etc., etc.

Piarango, Berlin, Germany
The music featured by PIARANGO is principally from Argentina and Bolivia. From the traditional songs and dances of the Andes to the dynamic, pulsating rhythmns of Piazzolla´s Buenos Aires, PIARANGO present a musical panorama from one of the most captivating regions of our planet. PIARANGO is made up of José Hernan Cibils (piano) and Patrick Zeoli (Charango).

Piazzolando, Nuevo Tango, Brazil
Formado no ano de 1998, o grupo "Piazzollando" nasceu com o objetivo de divulgar e popularizar a obra do argentino Astor Piazzolla. Assim como Beethoven, Bach, Mozart e muitos outros grandes compositores, Astor Piazzolla destaca-se como um vanguardista por excelência, revolucionou os conceitos musicais ao fundir o tango com o Jazz e a música erudita. O grupo "Piazzollando" tem como proposta musical a releitura, "com olhos brasileiros", das músicas de Piazzolla.

Quartango, Canada
Lorsque quatre musiciens de formation classique se réunissent pour explorer leur passion commune du tango, le résultat est rien de moins que savoureux. Quartango porte le tango vers de nouveaux sommets, grâce à des arrangements soignés, des allusions à la musique classique aussi subtiles qu'inattendues et une bonne dose d'humour, le tout amalgamé par le jeu élégant d'une formation musicale à son meilleur.

Quarteto Almagro
Argentinean musician Alfredo Rubín, German violinist Leo Weiss, pianist Analía Goldberg and the bandoneonist Alejandro Bruschini made up the original line-up. They played at dinner-shows, dancing rooms, private and public cultural happenings, tango dance exhibition, radio of Buenos Aires and in the National library. Toghether with other young musical groups they recorded a compilation. Includes mp3 samples.

Quartetto Barueco, Italy
Il Quartetto Barueco diventa una formazione che partendo da basi classiche sempre presenti, si cimenta con brani di Kurt Weill, Michael Nyman e altri autori contemporanei, ma soprattutto di Astor Piazzolla.

QuinTango is a quintet of two violins, cello, bass and piano dedicated to the musical performance of tango, introducing its own interpretations. Contains excerpts from their compact discs.

Quinteto Arrabal, Berlin, Germany
Der in der europäischen Tangometropole Berlin lebende argentinische Gitarrist, Arrangeur und Komponist Coco Nelegatti und sein QUINTETO ARRABAL präsentieren Tangos, Milongas und Walzer. Dabei setzen sie mit Violine, Bandoneon, Gitarre, Gitarron und Kontrabaß Instrumente ein, die schon in ihren Anfängen die Musik vom Rio de la Plata geprägt haben.

Quinteto Tipico Buenos Aires
Concerts, Show, CD's.

Quinteto Lusotango, Portugal
O QUINTETO LUSOTANGO, construído à imagem do grupo originalmente lançado pelo compositor, utilizando no entanto o saxofone como enriquecimento de cor e carácter, é composto por músicos que, pela sua consonância profissional, artística e humana, se dedicam de corpo e alma a este maravilhoso empreendimento que, acima de tudo, é uma grande paixão. Fazendo-se acompanhar por um par de bailarinos de tango Argentino, o concerto do QUINTETO LUSOTANGO promete uma vivência inesquecível na comunicação de sentimentos e auras únicas de alegria, entrega e esplendor.

Quinteto Zarate
Quinteto Zarate play Argentinian Tango in the style of the famous Quinteto Réal founded by Horacio Salgán, traditional tangos and tangos by Astor Piazzolla.

Ruben Rada, Uruguay (Candombe)
Contains mp3 samples, fotos, videos and discography.

Sabor a Tango, Berlin, Germany
Their repertoire consists of the highlights of 100 years of tango history.
Tango musicians from Berlin got together to present the original sound of the tango orchestras of the 40’s from Buenos Aires on today’s concert stages.

Salam Shalom
First Argentine Arabs and Jews Tango orchestra. Initiative of Segismundo Holzman continuing his former initiative to create "INSPIRACIÓN" a Tango Group conformed only by Argentine musicians of Jewish origin.

Sandra Luna
She has been singing since she was six and performed in the tango bar El Boliche de Rotundo at the age of 11. Shortly after, she was singing alongside local legend Héctor Varela and his orchestra at Mi Club.

Silvana Gregori
Singer from Argentina, contains mp3 clips. Desde abril de 1997 Silvana Gregori ha presentado su Show de Tango-Humor en la Sala Alfonsina del Café Tortoni, con musicos en vivo y la pareja de baile Mónica Paz y Osvaldo Spinelli. Este show también ha sido presentado en eventos institucionales y animaciones de fiestas.

Tamango, Buenos Aires
This group from Buenos Aires was formed by experienced professional musicians in 2004. They perform classic Tangos merging strength and emotion, and reach the new generation through their 2X4 rhythm. (watch their cool videos on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17VGHI1s1uo)

Tangele, Yiddish Tango

Tango No. 9 Orchestra, San Francisco
Violinist Catharine Clune, a veteran of Club Foot Orchestra and Orchestra Nostalgico researched the life of Astor Piazzolla. From their work with early Piazzolla, they became obsessed by early tango.

Tango Fuego, Fabian Carbone, Köln, Germany
Das Musikensemble versetzt das Publikum in den gefliesten Hinterhof, die Straße oder das Bordell im Buenos Aires der 30er Jahre. Die Gruppe kreiert ein Programm aus traditionellen tanzbaren Tangos, die gleichzeitig mitreißende modernste Kammermusik sind. So entfaltet sich der Tango in Schlichtheit und Einfachheit, für jeden verständlich und erlebbar.

The orchestra of Tango + has been established in 2005 in Ankara, Turkey with the aim to introduce a new and a fresh face to Argentinean Tango music. Tango + is composed of a quartet (bandoneon, piano, violin, contrabass) and 2 vocals (female & male).

TangoJazz Argentina
Talented artists , musicians, singers, dancers let us enjoy three different kind of spectacles under direction of Andrea Boucai, including traditional and contemporary tangos, tangojazz, tango fusion, folklore, new electronic tango and multimedia art. Consult website for tour information.

Merge old world tango aesthetics with a sinuous texture of jazz, flamenco and classical music and you have the sound of Tango Lorca. Formed in 1999, this quintet has created original compositions and arrangements equally suited for the dance hall or the concert stage. While evoking an undoubtedly Argentine sentiment with classics from the "Golden Age", they also create new works.

Tango Media Luna
DJ's, shows, classes in South Sweden. Tango Media Luna is a private firm offering associations, companies and private persons a selected range of activities within the frame of argentinean tango.

Trio Garufa
Pictures, MP3's. San Francisco.

Victor Chaco
Plays Tango and Argentinian Folklore.

Virginia Kelly
Virginia Kelly is a dancer from Argentina, specialized in Tango. She has studied with Tango dancers in Buenos Aires. Among them was Dinzels for whom she eventually taught. She has studied many other dance styles including ballet, jazz, tap, tango, ballroom, latin, swing, Argentine folklore, flamenco and belly dancing. Virginia studied theatre for five years and voice for eight years, partly with Manuel Gonzales Gil, Argentina's greatest producer of Musicals.

For 17 years, Canadian salon music group Viveza has been arranging and performing the delightful repertoire of miniatures by composers from Brahms to Piazzolla, with a dash of Spanish music and Tango. The name Viveza is Spanish for "lively, vivacious", and the musicians, who play symphony and opera and teach in academy and conservatory, come together in Viveza for the joy of making their own music.

The World Council for Argentine Tango Events develops and organizes Latin cultural events.

Tangos in Yiddish. Comenzó tempranamente sus estudios de canto con el maestro Gualterio Pardo, perfeccionándose más tarde con la soprano Raquel de Sirkin.
Realizó estudios de repertorio vocal e interpretación con el maestro Alfredo Rossi. Centraliza su actividad en la música de cámara como intérprete y docente, haciendo esporádicamente incursiones en la lírica. Actualmente se dedica al repertorio melódico popular siendo muy reconocida en la comunidad judía, caracterizándose especialmente por su repertorio en idish.

Zvi Migdal
Zvi Migdal, led by vocalist Pablo "The Pulpo" Pereyra, prides itself for its bold performances and new arrangements of classic tangos. Based in New York, this guitar-driven quartet has a new take on Argentine Tango, infusing the traditional sound of tango with jazz harmony and classical precision.


Dancers and Performers

Also see the Teaching Section on Argentina. A number of instructors do shows.


Alicia Orlando y Claudio Barneix
Con formación en ballet, danza contemporánea, jazz y danzas populares latinoamericanas, y luego de haber integrado importantes compañías de danza contemporánea, trabajado en muchas obras de teatro musical y ser los solistas del Ballet Ciclos, en 1986, se encuentran con el tango. Tras un breve pero intensivo estudio con el maestro Carlos Rivarola comienzan su propio camino en esta danza, desarrollando una estética particular, no sólo como intérpretes, sino que Alicia Orlando desde sus coreografías y Claudio Barneix con su propuesta visual, en cuanto a iluminación y ambientación de cada uno de los espectáculos que realizan desde entonces hasta la actualidad, han logrado trabajar en profundidad un lenguaje muy propio lleno de esencia tanguera y poesía urbana.

Blaz and Andreja perform Tango Argentino in Slovenia and also internationally in Europe, USA and China. See also www.myspace.com/batango

Corina de la Rosa y Julio Balmaceda
Bailarines, Maestros y Coreógrafos de Tango Argentino. As specialists in ‘tango vals’ and ‘tango salón’, they have come out on innumerable stages around the world. At present, they are the solo couple of Color Tango Orchestra.

Daniela Gonzàles y Augustìn Camino
Dancers based in Buenos Aires. Site includes performance videos and pictures.

Demián y Carolina
Dancers, Teachers and Choreographers.

Diana Del Valle y Juan Camerlingo
In Diana and Juan’s dance, you will see the magic of Tango, with all its energy, power, strength, and sensuality. The intimate and silent dialog of two people dancing is transmitted and projected with a personal and unique style. Tradition, expertise and youth are brought together in an unforgettable dancing experience. They live and give lessons in Stuttgart, Germany.

Fernando Lores & Gery Gluzman
Dancers and Teachers of Tango Milonguero.

Gustavo Benzecry Sabá & María Olivera
Classes, Practicas and Shows.

Hector Falcon
Dancer choreographer and teacher of Tango and Milonga who has performed his art all round the world.

Javier Antar & Maria Trubba
Javier & Maria are professional tango dancers from Buenos Aires. They perform and teach the "Tango Nuevo" style. They have been working together since 1998 and travel around the world to places far away such as Finland. Their musicality and elegance make their dance beautiful, their technical knowledge and dynamic makes it fluent and precise, and as they always improvise each dance becomes unique. Their passion for teaching makes them accessible and patients with the students, helping them to developed and improve their dance immediately.

Milena Plebs
Choreographer, Dancer and Director. She founded "Compañía Tango X 2" with Miguel Angel Zotto, worked creating the choreography for the Tango Operette "María de Buenos Aires" and took part in films like "Tango, Baile Nuestro" and "Assasination Tango".

Pancho & Gaby
Puro Tango Argentino. Also offers downloadable videos.

Regina and Martin
Dancers from Uruguay. Includes video footage.

Sandra Gatti & Eduardo Arce Saborido
Dancers, Teachers and Choreographers of Argentine Tango.

TangoAlma Dance Ensemble
Todd Martin and Marizabel Arango formed TangoAlma in 1999, and have become one of the most popular tango performing and teaching couples in California.  Their performances have taken them across the continental United States, Hawaii and Mexico, sharing the stage with some of the world’s greatest tango dancers. 

Tango Argentino Tandil
Ballet Municipal.

TangoRetro Show
A young company created and directed by Eva Lucero & Patricio Touceda. The show is a homage to the Stars of the Golden Age of tango with the unique style of its creators. The show is full of energy, passion and glamour of the dance, and a wide musical variety that includes some of Piazzolla's best hits.

Sam and Sandra dance Tango on a Vertical Pole.


ChristoTango, Amsterdam, Netherlands

DJ Bärbel Rücker, Tanzbar, Copenhagen, Denmark
Traditional Tango DJ for practicas, milongas, festivals and marathons. Has already performed in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Italy, France and Switzerland.

DJ Tango, Madrid

Tango DJ, Germany
Legt Tango Argentino auf, nur den Echten und Alten, den mit der Tanzgarantie. Zeigt auch den typischen Tango Argentino in einer Tanzvorführung oder in einer Tangoshow.

New Haven based DJ. Originally from Belgium, she moved to New York in 1991 and from there to New Haven, Connecticut, in 2000. Next to her day job, she dances Argentine tango and DJ's for tango dancers.


Agents and Organizers

Cult y Tango, Germany
Veranstalten Tangoevents: Tangobälle, Tangokonzerte, Milongas, Tangoshows;
engagieren und vermitteln Tango-künstler aller Sparten, wie Musiker, Tänzer, Maler, Literaten etc. und produzieren Tangomusik, Shows und Tournéen; darüberhinaus gestalten wir auch interessante Events mit anderen Schwerpunkten, z.B. "Südamerikanische Nächte".

Susan Lake
Producer, Instructor, Tango Ball, San Diego.

Tanguero Productions
Agent represents Ritmo Tango and offers a wide range of services.

Tango Renaissance, Event Organizers
"Provide a chance for afficionados to gather for the purpose of the international promotion of this beautiful passion we all share: TANGO..."

UNITANGO is a link between artists and businessmen to provide shows and services related to tango. It is also the ideal place for those who want to learn to dance or to freshen up their dancing skills. We are an international company, focused on Argentine Tango. UNITANGO offers different services to tango lovers or to the ones who are eager to get to know it.