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Tango Events

Festivals, Clubs, Milongas and other comprehensive Tango event sites. Also check the REGIONAL and TRAVEL (for Buenos Aires) sections for Milongas and Events. A number of dance studios also organize Milongas (see TEACHING section).


Milongas in any city worldwide
Find a milonga in any city all over the world. Also register your milonga.

Locate Dance Spots & Teachers throughout the U.S. & Canada. Over 4,000 dance spots and teachers listed.

Latin Dance Carnival
Various Shows. 2004: Under the direction of Antonio Cervilla Jr., 16 dancers taker the audience on a tour of Latin Dance with Flamenco, Salsa, Samba, Folklore and Argentine Tango as destinations.

Metatango Festival
A 3 days Festival with workshops each day, Milongas every night, a Tango Dance Ball plus a Tango Competition with qualification to participate in “The Tango World Dance Championship” to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina... 3 days and 4 nights full of Tango.

Milongas under the Stars
A World Wide Guide to Outdoor Argentine Tango Milongas. One of the enduring images of Argentine Tango in the early years is couples dancing a milonga outdoors on the streets and sidewalks. Our most romantic images are a closely embraced couple under a starry sky as they move through the dance they love and the love they live.

The largest tango festival index.

Worldwide information about Tango festivals and other activities of international interest. Allows organizers to put in their event information themselves. One of the special features is a complete World-database which can show events geographically placed on a world map.

Tangoworldwide.com Events
Pay service.


AlohaTango, Kauai
We are a small but determined group learning Tango here in paradise.

AT Society of Philadelphia
A four week beginners class is taught by Philadelphia's leading  Milonguero, Andrew "CHICO DIABLO" Conway & assistance from Claire Conway, Fred Semel.

Atlanta Tango Festival
An event organized by dancers for dancers, featuring nationally recognized DJ's playing traditional and "New Tango" music. Clothing, accessory, and shoe vendors on site.

Austin Tango
Austin Tango Calendar

Boston Tango Festival
Argentine Masters and local instructors teach advanced styles and flourishes as well as basic technique for beginners. Classes and nightly Milongas.

Casa de Practica
Started in 2002 as an informal, comfortable venue for Argentine Tango in Los Angeles when its doors were open to Argentine Tango performers visiting the area and for locals to dance and teach classes. Today, it continues to host and promote some of the top names in the professional world of Argentine Tango as well as welcome the newest beginner dancer for classes in tango, Spanish language lessons, milongas, parties and asados and a general introduction to Buenos Aires.

Capital Tangueros Washington D.C. Calendar
Argentine Tango in Washington, DC and the greater metropolitan area, including Baltimore, MD.

Chicago Tango Festival
Spice up your Spring with hot social tango dancing in Chicago. This weekend will provide you with a unique opportunity to share your love of tango and meet new people. The primary curriculum has been designed for the experienced dancer in mind. A separate curriculum for the more novice dancer is also available. Milongas are planned.

Hollywood Tango festival
The focal point of the Hollywood Tango Festival is the art and mystique of Tango. The Festival will present a combination of dance, music and food and the broad objective of the organizers is to position Hollywood as the capital of Tango in the United States.

La Milonguita Tango Activities List
Northern California's only complete list of Tango events.

Long Island Dance
Dedicated to the Promotion of Partner Dancing on Long  Island. The  Long Island Dance Connection holds weekly Salsa & Latin,  Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing & Hustle Dances .

Meet in the Middle
National Argentine Tango Festival Mt Vernon MO.

Miami Tangofantasy Festival
The largest and longest tango festival in the world outside of Argentina.

Midnight Tango, Rochester, New York
Venue located in Rochester NY, provides listing of tango events in the Western New York state. Hosting weekly class, practice, followed by Milonga.

Murray's Building, Mt. Vernon, Missouri
The 1890’s witnessed a new building being built in Mt Vernon, Mo, and a tango dance being created in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Both have survived today, and both are witnessing a new revitalization. 

Naomi Joy's list of where to go dancing
Where to Go Dancing in New York City & Surrounding Suburbs. Featuring the Latest Ballroom and Club Offerings.

New York Tango
Richard Lipkin's non-partisan Guide to Argentine Tango in New York City.

Nora's Tangoweek, California
Tango week and weekend.

NYC Dance Connection, Instructors and Events
Your best source for up to date information about Ballroom and Latin Dance in Manhattan.

Lists Argentine Tango classes, workshops, practicas, and Milongas. The most active sections are Los Angeles, New York, and Portland.

Seattle Tango Magic
Seattle Summer TangoMagic: Five days and beautiful summer nights of tango in Seattle

Tango de los Muertos, Boston
November 2-5, 2006. Late-night milongas, a practica, 3 days of workshops, and a Tango Jam led by Ben Bogart "Where else can you tango in your top hat and tails and milonga in your pajamas all in one day?"

Tango Extravaganza, New Jersey
Weekend Features internationally acclaimed Instructors and Performers.

Tango in Kansas City
Duo Lorca, KC Dance, Louis & Co.

Tango in the Burbs, Collegeville, PA
Our Milongas are on the First and Fifth Sundays. Our WHATCHAMACALLITS are on ALL other Sundays. The music is a great mix of traditional plus alternative Tango sounds. So, what is a Whatchamacallit?  It's not exactly a Milonga, but sometimes looks like one. It isn't a practica. It is a friendly get together of tango friends. Informal, relaxing, un-intimidating, dancing and practicing, snacking and socializing. But it is TANGO.

Tango Lounge, Boston
Tango Lounge is a monthly Boston tango dance (also called a Milonga) that happens on the Second Friday of each month. Join us for a fantastic evening of dancing to enticing tangos and new discoveries in a great space with floating hardwood floors and built-in custom sound system. Refreshments provided.

TangoMasquerade, Los Angeles, California
Three-day Halloween Tango weekend in Los Angeles: Tango workshops, three days & nights of dancing, gala dinner Tango show, live Tango music, Halloween costume party, Tango Masters performances

Tango Nada Mas, Chicago
El Firulete Magazine: "The best place to dance Tango in the USA".

TangoScene, Inscenes
For those looking for dance, art, and entertainment in the San Francisco Bay Area and selected areas.


Claude and Hazel's Tuesday Night Milonga, Vancouver, Canada
Informal milonga. Newcomers and visitors welcome.

La Milonga del Arrabal, Vancouver
Argentine Tango every Friday night to music from the golden age of tango. Relaxed comfortable atmosphere.

Montreal Tango Festival
The Montreal International Tango Festival invites you to come and enjoy nine unforgettable days and nights of argentine tango. Regardless of your experience level, you will find top international masters to help you take those first steps, as well as explore the many depths of the tango.

Totonto Tango Festival
Close to 800 people attended the different activities of the first Tangofest spread over three days.

Tangofest, Toronto
The first Toronto International Tango Festival was held in June 2005 and was an amazing success. The experitise of the instructors and the large number of very talented dancers made it a truly wonderful 4 days. This next will be even better.

Tango Club of Albuquerque
The Tango Club of Albuquerque is a non-profit organization created by the Tango
community of Albuquerque and surrounding areas to promote Argentine Tango.
We sponsor frequent workshops and events, offer education in dancing techniques, the history of Argentine Tango and provide opportunities for social dancing.

The Johnston's Description of Tango Scene in Montreal
The Tango Travellers Dance Around the World. First stop: Montreal renown for its French flair, century-old architecture, heavenly food,advantageous exchange rates and some of the best dancing outside of Buenos Aires...


is a drama, where Argentine Tango is used as a language. The tango creates a modern love story with stereotyped elements of a love drama. The story is based on the relationship between a man and a woman. Their ideal images of the partner are slowly pushing them straight to hell. Only when confronted with their deepest fears, illusions disappear and the space for real love and harmony is created.

Ralf Scholl's Tango Argentino in Europa Dance Agenda
Klicken Sie auf ein Land, um Informationen über die dortigen Tangomöglichkeiten zu erhalten.

Tango and Sailing, Dieter Scribelka
Am Tage segeln, am Abend Tangotanz.


Brussels Tango Festival
International festival.

Molonga Agenda for Belgium.

La Luna, Antwerp, Belgium
Milonga location.

Tango Fabriek "El Sur", Antwerp, Belgium
Bekijk onze agenda voor de precieze data van de lessenreeksen en de salons.

Czech Republic

Workshops and Festival in the Czech Republic
Workshops, classes, milongas.


Copenhagen Tango Festival, Denmark
International festival.


Tangomarkkinat Festival, Finland


Argentine Tango in the Pyrenees
AT Festival.

Information/Venues, France - tango.danse-a-2.com
Clickable map of events.

Mephisto Tango, France
Various events.

Milonga del Angel, Nimes, France
Un lieu magique, convivial, de rencontres et d'échanges, exclusivement consacré à l'enseignement et à la pratique du tango argentin. Elle propose des cours collectifs réguliers de qualité, des pratiques dirigées, des stages avec les plus grands maestros, des soirées ainsi que tout ce qui peut apporter une meilleure connaissance de son environnement culturel, conférences, expos... Sa notoriété internationale attire des danseurs et danseuses venus de tous les continents avec lesquels vous échangerez des moments délicieux. Outre la programmation régulière et les moments purement improvisés qu’offre la Tangueria aux passionnés, trois événements sont programmés chaque année.

Paris Banlieues Tango Festival
Multicultural and international festival. Multicultural, since tango and the cultural values it conveys concern and touch all the arts (music, cinema, dance, literature, plastic arts, gastronomy); international as well, because tango exists all over the world. The concrete example of this is presence at PBTa of more than 15 nationalities.

Tango Pasión, Maria de Buenos Aires Show
After thrilling audiences all over the world for over a decade, the TANGO PASIÓN company and the 2003 Latin Grammy Award winner orchestra SEXTETO MAYOR return with their new show 'MARIA DE BUENOS AIRES'. Based on the opera by Piazzolla and revesited by the company, the story of Maria will take you back to the sombre and smokey bars of the largest port of Argentina at the beginning of last Century.


Aufsturz Klub, Berlin
Tango Practica zum Tanzen und Üben.

Club Argentino
Tangonacht im Ballhaus, Berlin, Germany.

El-Amateur - Milongas in Germany
Die Sonntgs-Milonga "El Amateur" wird seit 1994 von Johannes Schulz und Hieronymus Kieromin veranstaltet. Der Grundgedanke ist, einen neutralen Tanzboden zu schaffen, den TänzerInnen aller Tanzschulen besuchen können, ohne sich Lehrern oder einer Schule verpflichtet zu fühlen. Mit den Einnahmen aus der Milonga finanzieren wir Live-Gruppen für unseren Bälle, und fördern so gezielt und ohne eigenen Profitgedanken Tangomusiker, die uns gut gefallen.

Milongas in Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Germany.

Saludo.de, events in Germany
Informiert über regelmäßige Tango Argentino Salons sowie über Tango-Bälle.

Tango-Landsberg, Germany
Im Foyer des Stadttheaters Landsberg wird Tango getanzt.

Tango Practicas, Germany
Tango habe ich im El Corte in Nijmegen gelernt, wo es noch stets beinahe jeden Wochentag eine gutbesuchte Práctica gibt. Ich habe diese Übungsform seit meiner allerersten Woche Tango genutzt. In Prácticas habe ich immer besonders viel gelernt. Mit tango-practicas.de möchte ich diese hervorragende Übungsform fördern und die Veranstalter unter Euch animieren, selbst Prácticas zu veranstalten.

Tango in Leer, Germany
Wir betreiben seit Anfang 1999 einen Tangoclub in Leer und treffen uns regelmäßig zum tanzen, üben und lernen. Gäste und neue Mitglieder sind sehr willkommen.

Tango Festival Berlin
International Tango festival.

Tangoloft Berlin, Germany
Versichiedene Veranstaltungen.

Wuppertal Tango Festival, Germany
Workshops and Shows.


Agenda Milonguera del Triveneto, Rome, Italy
Tango event agenda.

Festival Internacional de Tango
Music, dance, shows, international guests, tango lessons, musicians seminars, photo exposition, art-video, art performance, Argentinean cooking, "tangoaperitivo".

Tangoworld, Italy
We want to thank the 600 participants to the VII edition of the Festival tangoworld in Fivizzano. We hope to see you again in Fivizzano next year.

Tango Argentino Rome, Italy
Room for rent in Rome with links to AT in Rome.


SiempreTango - Festival du Tango Ríoplatense, Luxembourg


Dance Agenda, all styles, Netherlands
Welkom op het Werelddansplein met steeds meer informatie over Werelddans en Wereldmuziek in Noord-Nederland.

Guide to Events in the Netherlands
Events Agenda.

International Tango festival Nijmegen
Workshops, films, performances, Gran Noche.

Salon Don Tango, Amsterdam
Milonga, Festival.

TangoMagia festival, Amsterdam

Tango worldwide and in the Netherlands.


Belgrade Tango Festival
International Tango festival in Belgrade.


Tango Slovenia, Ljubljana
Tango Festival, workshops and all-year dancing in Slovenia.


Club Tango, Stockholm, Sweden
ClubTango är stockholms tangoklubb som dansar argentinsk tango i en restaurang miljö. Vi arrangerar fester, konserter, shows och kurser året runt.

Tango events in Sweden.


Tango Sierre (Valais)
Club de danse et de Tango Argentin. Organisation de soirées dansantes, milonga, practicas, cours, stages, festival, etc.

Tangowoche, Switzerland
International festival in Zurich.


UK Tango events.

El Once Tango, UK
Established many years ago, this club is one of UK's leading venues to dance Tango on a saturday night. Currently in crypt of St. James Church, London.

Edinburgh Music and Dance Guide for Tango and Salsa
An Informal guide to places to dance to latin rhythms from salsa through samba to tango, and places to hear and play Afro-latin, South American and Hispanic music in the Edinburgh Area. There is also information on lots of other stuff in Edinburgh, Scotland and around the world.

La Milonga de la Luna, UK
Comes to life one sunday a month, under the spell of the full moon.

Map of Tango Events in the UK (afterfive)
The map is worldwide, and can be panned and zoomed to specific locations. Click the markers for links to the organisations that use that particular venue.

Octavio Janner's Tango in London Guide
Weekly schedule of group tango lessons/classes, private tango classes and free tango dance in London:

Tango Club, London
Dancing in the heart of London. Courses, Tango Study Afternoon, Continuing Tango, Tango Soup Kitchen, Friday Practica.

Where to dance in the UK
Dance calendar, all styles.

Zero Hour
Zero Hour is one of the leading venues for learning and dancing Argentinean tango in London. As well as our milonga on Wednesdays, we offer classes and practica on three nights a week, plus an exciting program of workshops and other special events.


Bailatango, Argentine Tango Schools
Istanbul, Turkey. BailaTango is the world's premier international tango school, with instructors in 12 cities and 4 countries. We're dedicated to the proposition that Argentine Tango is a dance of the people and can be enjoyed by everybody.

Beirut International Tango Festival, Lebanon
Trip from April 21 till May 2, 2010 combining Tango Dance with the discovery of Lebanon, a country with a rich history and an ancient civilization dating from 5000 BC. Includes a 4-day tango festival with performances by the Silencio Tango Orchestra (7 Musicians) and the voice of Omar Fernandez, 6 international couples, 3 days of tango classes, nightly milongas and 3 guided tours of Lebanon.

International Istanbul Tango Festival
One of the most important tango festivals in Europa and Asia. All venues are historical locations and cover around 45 countries.

Mi Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Israel
Milonga, Shjunat Hamashtela, oposite Kfar Hayarok, Tel Aviv.

Milonga del Corazón, Hong Kong
Milongas on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, playing traditional tango music arranged in tandas. We pay the greatest respect to the classical music like most milongas in Buenos Aires do. We carefully arrange and select the most danceable music in our Milonga, as we believe that one of the keys to understand tango is to dance with the most sophisticated music in the tango history.

Tango Istanbul
Guide to Argentine Tango in Istanbul/Turkey. You can find and follow tango events daily from this site.

Trio Spin Studio, Hong Kong
Trio Spin Studio organize monthly Milonga (usually on the last Saturday of each months), weekly practicas, Tango classes and Overseas Masters' Tango Workshops. It also offers the studio for Tango practice and to take private lessons. It is a space for meeting tango friends in Hong Kong, dancing and enjoy the tango music.

Latin America


BA Milongas
Milonga list for all dancers in Buenos Aires.

Cafe Homero
Café Homero reabrió sus puertas para que el tango y el folklore vuelvan a sonar en el barrio de Palermo. Ambientado bajo un estilo colonial, sus nuevos dueños invitan a gozar de su extensa e inigualable cartelera de shows tangueros y folklóricos.
Además, se puede disfrutar de la gran variedad de cafés, vinos, tragos y sus típicas picadas.

Café Tortoni
Founded in 1858, Café Tortoni is the oldest coffee shop in the whole
country. With a very rich history, it is visited at all times by intellectuals, politicians and artists.

Claudio Frost y las Marionetas Tangueras

CosmoTango, Buenos Aires
The world's largest and most important tango event in the world - Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA), which takes place in Buenos Aires every year since 1999.

Esquina Gardel
Food and Tango show.

Festival de Buenos Aires Tango

La Milonguita
Class followed by Milonga.

La Sabado Tango
Auténtica Milonga de Buenos Aires.

Michelangelo Tango Show, San Telmo, BA
Four centuries of history and 120 years of passion for Tango to be lived in one night. Dinner and show in the oldest part of San Telmo.

Mundo Teatral of Argentina
Theatre, Musicals, Shows and Dance.

Milonga Parakultural, Canning Tangosalon, Buenos Aires
Milongas, Classes.

Percal Milonga, Rosario, Argentina

Pigmalion Casa Tango

Pinar de Rocha Tango, Buenos Aires

Plupo's Tango week in Buenos Aires.

Tanguera, Argentinian Musical

Tango Taxi Dancers
An agency which provides friendly and experienced dance partners, male and female, to accompany you anywhere you want to dance the Tango and at any level. Whether you are a visiting professional or quite new to the dance, we can accompany you in private classes, in group classes, in a milonga, at private or corporate events, even on stage.

World Tango Festival, Argentina
Florianopolis Tango festival.


Event Calendar for Rio.


Club El Rincon del Tango, Monterrey, Mexico
Club privado de Baile.


Latin Links Live
Latin Links Live is a Australia wide events calendar with up-to-the minute information on dances, gigs, milongas and dance classes, backed up by a weekly news digest direct to your desktop. Local and international news and events, so you know what’s happening in the dance and music world. Also offers forums, information and reviews on classes, milongas, parties, events, clubs, schools, workshops, travel, accommodation, music and dance products.

Tango n' Latin Bar
Pino Ellul School of Argentine Tango N Latin Dancing, Queensland.

Viva Cabaret Restaurant Bar, Melbourne, Australia
Celebrating Latin culture in Australia, VIVA specialize in providing a total entertainment concept, a true cultural experience from dance classes, live entertainment & floor shows to Latin cuisine & event production.

South Africa

Tanz café combines the essence of a European and Argentinean dance café where the music is passionate, the floor is big, the menu delicious and the fully licensed bar cozy and nostalgic. Warmth, charm and atmosphere reminiscent of the continental and Argentinean cafes where you can dance freely or relax at the bar or the tables around the dance floor. Tango the house dance plus Salsas, Mambos, Cha Cha Chas, Rumbas and all the Latins, with smooths and pop thrown in. North of Johannesburg.