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Tango Merchandise

Goods and services related to Tango: books, CD's, videos, clothing, shoes, musical instruments, scores, dance partners and internet radio stations.

General Shops

Abrazos Books, CD's, Articles
A publishing house based in Germany. Its objective is to promote Latin American literature - with a special emphasis on Argentinean culture - and to make it accessible to readers all over the world.

For various dance styles. Jewelry, shoes, clothes, accessories. Germany.

Bill the Hatter
Founded on the south side of Chicago in 1949, Bill the Hatter sells only the finest hats, shoes, clothing and men's accessories. Name brands like Dobbs, Stacy Adams and Kangol.

Bloch Dance Merchandise
In addition to shoes, Bloch makes a comprehensive range of dance apparel and accessories designed specifically for dancers. “Working with the dancers is an essential part of designing garments that will perform well, enhance movement and feel great. Our greatest pleasure is when dancers tell us they love our products.”

Carrie B's Dance Shop, Portland, Oregon
Clothes, shoes, accessories. All styles.

La revista bimestral con artículos de investigación, entrevistas, información de la  actividad tanguera en la Argentina y en el mundo, comentarios sobre Compact Discs recientemente editados, y mucho más sobre el tango. 

Dance Affairs, Germany
Shoes and clothes.

Dance Choice
Dance merchandise, all styles.

Dance Connection
Dance merchandise, all styles.

Dance Dresser
Dance merchandise, all styles.

Dancescape TV, supplies

Videos, DVD, Music, Shoes, Floors, Tools.

Danza y Movimiento
A world of Latin American music, culture, dance and contact. CD's, travel, label, publisher, music club. Hamburg, Germany.

Dvora Kanegi
Tango Passion took hold of me when we met two Springs ago. I go to milongas with my black and red shoes and my drawing pad. I dance until my feet hurt, then I draw into the magic hours, when the dance floor thins and the dancers float about as if in another world. I draw very quickly without looking at the paper. The lines flow from my hand, directed by my eyes following the dancers and by my body still warm from dance.

El Mundo Del Tango - Videos, Shows
Founded in 1994, El Mundo del Tango was the first organization to introduce Argentine Tango to the San Diego community.

Gourmet Musical
All things Latinamerican Music. Música y musicología de Lationamérica.

Harlequin Dance Floors

Vinyl Records, Music & Movie Memorabilia, CDs, Cassettes, Posters, Magazines & Comics, since 1975, with customers in 40 countries, and 54,000 items in stock. Collectable records from Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela. All music genders: Pop, Metal, Jazz, Classical, Tango, Regional. Local artists and foreign artists are available in all formats: LPs, CDs, EPs, 7"s, 12"s, cassettes, promo items, picture disks, colored vinyl. Also magazines, videos, photos, comic books, movie posters, lobby cards.

Just For Kix
For dancers & coaches, from costumes, to training, to performance opportunities. Dance Shop, classes, camps, events, articles.

NBB Records
Record Label dedicated to Double bass in Italy. The record production is open to any music in which the double-bass is in some way protagonist: from the traditional repertoire to the most imaginative contamination.

Sadaic, Latin Copyright Protection in US
Our main goal is to effectively represent the licensing needs of our associates and their repertoire within the U.S. territory. Currently, SLC administers rights uses for over 15,000 works in the United States and Canada. List of represented catalogues in the U.S. include those of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Offer Tango CD's, DVD's, and shoes. Based in Toulouse, France.

Tango Discovery, Argentina
Books, CD's, Classes.

Tango Norway Hairdresser
Tango er den raskest voksende frisørkjeden i Norge.

Tangobar, Brussels

Videos, CD's, Books.

Online source for Tango and Milonga. Shoes, CD's, Posters.

Dancing with passion and style. Shoes, clothing, music, videos, books, art, accessories, jewelry, hats, Spanish courses, gift certificates. Plus articles.

Tangostore.com is a subsidiary of Zival's selling CD's, books and videos in Argentina, founded on 1971. Besides offering an extensive variety of CDs, books, videos, clothing, sheet music and all of a "Tangueros" fun needs, it is a source of information and news on the Tango. Located in Congreso, Buenos Aires.

Tango gift shop.

Paris Posters

Christine Denniston, Books, CD's. You want to give and receive the maximum pleasure when you dance. We can help you learn the secrets of the great Tango dancers - the secrets that make their partners keep coming back for more.

Voice of Dance Portal
On the world wide web since 1996, providing bulletin boards with dance celebrities, offering calendar listings for major dance companies around the world, quick review excerpts of dance performances, as well as the latest news from the arts world. National Dance Project Executive Director, Sam Miller calls it "certainly the best dance-related site on the Web today." Also e-postcards, image gallery, special multimedia presentations and global directory of over 25,000 dance-related companies and organizations.


Also see "general shops" category above.


Argentina Tango Shoes
Authentic Buenos Aires comfortable tango shoes to dance in ballroom. Buy your discounted argentine milonga stylish dance tango shoes.

Arika Nerguiz Tango Shoes, Uruguay
Each Arika Nerguiz product is born from careful handmade work.

Aurora Lubiz Shoes and Clothes, Buenos Aires

Carmen's Dance Shoes
Carmen's Dance Shoes stocks all the popular styles and sizes from only the best in the industry. Carmen's Dance Shoes offers the largest selection of ballroom dance shoes in the Western United States.

Dance Shoes of Atlanta
Various styles.

Dance Shoes Store
Our dance shoes are for ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing & Tango dancing. We are ready to ship out within 1-2 business days in the US with free shipping.

DanceSport Shoes
Geared towards the serious Dancesport enthusiast as well as the Social Dancer.
We provide one of the greatest selections of Ballroom Dance Shoes under one roof from makers such as Supadance, Capezio, International Dance Shoes, Freed of London and Dance Naturals.

Darcos Tango Shoes, Buenos Aires
This family company, dedicated the past 30 years to the manufacture of special shoes. In central Buenos Aires, one block from the Obelisco, our showroom and the factory is located where we make our famous, hand made tango shoes; there you can see how we make shoes, the materials and the workmanship quality. Buenos Aires.

Delié Shoes, Buenos Aires
Handmade footwear for ladies and gentlemen made with raw materials and Argentinean leather of the highest quality and outstanding performance in use. 20 years of the experience in designing and manufacturing dance footwear. Made to measure with personalized advice by our own designers.

Exclusive Wholesale Gifts
Ballroom, Tango and Salsa dance shoes.

Fattomano, Buenos Aires
Fattomano was founded in 1959 by an Italian shoemaker and his family. Our shoes are made from the highest quality materials with quality linings, soles and heels. We carry a wide variety of styles to satisfy the needs of our clients. We make shoes for tango, salsa, ballroom, tap and other dances. Some of the many clients that have bought shoes from Fattomano areOsvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida, Miguel Angel Zotto, Mora Godoy, Los Dinzel, Juan Carlos Copes, and Robert Duvall.

Feather Dance Shoes
Dance shoes plus shopping tips.

Flabella, Buenos Aires
A small company founded in 1980. Its production is totally hand made, only 20 pairs of shoes are finished every day. Flabella has listened and understands the dancer's needs.

Greta Flora, Buenos Aires
Greta Santonalla and Florencia Mendez design and manufacture women's Tango shoes.

Jorge Nel Shoes
Source for handmade, customized tango, salsa and ballroom shoes, designed by Jorge Nel, professional dancer, teacher and choreographer with over thirty year's experience. Jorge knows what a dancer needs in shoes.

Loló Gerard, Buenos Aires
For more than 10 years in Loló Gerard we have known how to capture the essence of tango to make our shoes, all its display and sensuality are there in each of our models. Accompanying the genuine tango spirit it is our priority the use of noble materials of the finest quality. The soul of our shoes is definitely given by its confection totally hand made by truly artisans in the tradition of making dance shoes.

Madreselva Tango Shoes, Buenos Aires
Made in Argentina, danced all over the world.

NeoTango Shoes, Buenos Aires
Established in 2003, offering handmade shoes with comfort and design.

Showtime Dance Shoes
Founded in Atlanta, Georgia over 30 years ago. Today we are the largest Distributor of Ballroom Dance Shoes in the United States. Ballroom and Latin dance shoes by Dance Naturals of Italy, Freed of London, International Dance Shoes and Supadance. The largest selection of ballroom dance shoes anywhere, with over 15,000 pairs of shoes in inventory.

Supadance have been crafting the UK's finest hand-made dance shoes for over three decades, building on the family's generations of experience in the trade. Our mission is to produce ballroom dance shoes which achieve a perfect union of style, comfort, and outstanding performance. We work closely with many of the World's leading professional dancers and coaches to continuously evolve our designs. The result is an innovative range of ballroom dance shoes which lets dancers of all abilities demonstrate their full potential.

Susana Villarroel
My passion for Tango dancing has been my inspiration to produce shoes of the best quality and style.

Authentic Argentine Tango shoes. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Buenos Aires with top-grade natural leathers. Enjoy long hours of "Milonga" with their elegant and comfortable design!

Tango 8, Tango and Ballroom Shoes, Buenos Aires
We deliver hand made quality dance and evening shoes as well as custom made dancewear. Tango8 shoes come with multipoint adjustable support that hold tightly and firmly the foot reducing pains caused by long dance sessions. The sole has a unique combination of layers that give comfort to the foot in the inside and sturdiness on the outside Dance shoes are made of light specialty leather and special thin sole that give a continuous look and comfortable feel.

Tango Brujo, Buenos Aires
Una empresa argentina cuya actividad principal es la creación, producción y comercialización de productos y actividades culturales originadas en una de las manifestaciones artísticas que más nos representan como ciudad y como país alrededor del mundo, El Tango.

Tango Leike, Buenos Aires
Tango Shoes.

Tango Wear
Based in Buenos Aires, we represent the biggest, best tango dance shoe craftsmen in our country. We have been working in the tango market for more than twenty years. Each tango shoe we sell is carefully hand-designed and crafted by the most qualified hand craftsmen in Buenos Aires. Made with the best Argentine raw materials, all our shoes fit your feet perfectly and are very comfortable, that is why they are suitable for both learners and professional dancers.

Tara's Shoes
Tara began designing shoes in 1999 after discovering that dancers couldn't find high quality, comfortable shoes. She located a factory in South America, willing to turn her designs into reality. The result was a shoe unlike any other on the market. Within one year, Tara shoes were recognized, throughout the dance world, as the best one could buy.

Teddy Dance Shoes
A small store with a big inventory.

Traspie Shoes
We deliver Tango, Salsa, Flamenco, Milonga, Latin music, media, shoes and Apparel. We also sell other related Dance, Collectibles, Folklore, Posters and Music items from Argentina and from all over the world specially from Latin America.

Werner Kern Shoes
We have never been content with a dance shoe that just looks good. Simply because the foot of a dancer demands much more. It wants a perfect unity of newest design, sophisticated equipment and excellent craftsmanship, to ensure that the shoe can withstand even the greatest strain.

Worldtone Dance Shoes
Best dance shoes from around the world.

ZapatosDeBaile, Germany
Wir führen original argentinische Tanzschuhe und Schuhe von Werner Kern, Diamant, Supadance, Capezio, Harald Seelig, Top Tanz.

Zeller Danceshoes, Germany


Also see "general shops" category above.


Dance 4 Less
DANCE 4 LESS is an online supplier of dance shoes and dance wear. With an extensive line of discount dancewear consisting of ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, ballroom Shoes, professional latin dance shoes, lyrical sandals, gymnastic shoes, leotards, unitards, dance skirts, tights and more for children, ladies, and men.

Dance Dress
High End Designer wear in fabulous fabrics, custom cut to your size - high quality construction, hand finished with great attention to detail.

Dance Shirts

Dani's Tanz und Modeboutique, Germany
Ballroom-style clothes.

Dansbutiken, Sweden
All styles.

Firefly Vintage Clothing
Our vintage clothing categories include vintage clothes from the 1850’s through the 1970’s. Many of the rare vintage shirts are reminiscent of Elvis and James Dean from the 1940’s and 50’s. Our vintage dress collection include new old vintage dresses from the 1940’s and 1950’s as well as Victorian and Edwardian period pieces many of which are from a collection I bought in Paris in the 1970’s.

Prom Dresses, Unique Hairstyles
Selling prom dresses on line since 1999.

Satine Dance Collection Japan
Ballroom and Latin dresses, in Japanese

SF Dancewear
Selling Dancewear is only part of what SF Dancewear prides itself on. At SF Dancewear we take the time to become involved in your dance purchase ensuring an expert fit, the correct product, and complete satisfaction.

Soft Chocolates Tango Clothing
Clothes that melt around you, feel sensuous, and are characterized by styles that allow the dancer to be you. Designed for Argentine tango to be elegant, while allowing movement and comfort. Custom sizing available. Quality fabrics and construction.

Web-shop offering limited edition Serigraphy on T-Shorts with water-based inks.

Tangoleva, Santa Fe, USA
Fashion for Argentine Tango dancers, Tango clothing for Tangueras.

Tango Mina Dancewear, Buenos Aires
Beyond fishnets and corsets. Something new for the modern tango dancers in dance apparel which promises quality, comfortable, and modern designs that show you off in your dancing.

Tangomode, Germany
Tangomode, die jede Bewegung mitmacht. Kleider in figurgerechten Schnitten, schmeichelnden Stoffen in Ihrer Lieblingsfarbe. Große Auswahl an Modellen, Materialien und Accessoires. Stellen Sie sich Ihr Traumkleid im Internet selbst zusammen.

Tanguero Designs
Shirts and skirt wraps. The 90% micropoly 10% spandex fabric wicks moisture away from your body and evaporates it instantly, without holding body odor. Both you and your partner stay cool and dry.

Tosca Dancewear
Elegant, sexy, affordable and easy to move in. Made with the latest premium Stretch Fabric and Lace for women and men.

Zanaboni Tango Clothes, New Zealand
Designed to look good on all sizes and ages, low maintenance and comfortable to wear.

Zoot Suit Store, San Francisco
Presented by Siegel's Clothing Superstore, in business since 1889, specializing in making, selling, and renting authentic 1930's/1940's swing era style Zoot Suits, Accessories, and much much more! Offers made-to-order Zoot Suits and Zoot Pants custom-tailored to your specified measurements, arriving to you ready to wear. Outfits many retro-swing bands in the US, Europe, and Asia, and movies, television and theatre.

Zorzal Criollo
Tango costume company, designing, creating, manufacturing, selling and merchandising T- shirts related with "Tango" topics,  located in Buenos Aires. This group of Argentinean designers want to lead the spirit of the Argentine Tango from his origins to all places around the world in expressing images of the “porteños” on the streets of Buenos Aires that evoke the essence of the Tango dance. The products are a part of a collection of exclusive and original designs, created for professional designers, ready-made with raw materials of excellent quality.


Born out of a tango inspiration, with a personal taste and style that only the passion for this music can arouse. Patricia's designs are welded into gold and silver, transforming them into subtle decorative pieces that adorn the tango embrace. Every exclusive piece of jewelry bears the name of a famous tango.


Also see "general shops" category above.


Links to many clips.

Apurotango instructional Tango Videos

Argentine-Tango.com Videos
Teachings of master tango instructors from Buenos Aires are being captured and their art is being preserved for generations to come. Its fun to learn the Spanish terms from the Argentine masters. Some tango videos are in Spanish with English subtitles.

BridgeToTheTango - Daniel Trenner

Close-Embrace.com: Teaching, Pictures, Articles
QuickTime Videos of Robin and Jennifer and other performances.

Cruel en el cartel, downloadable movie
Cruel en el cartel is a stroll in Buenos Aires guided by the woman's image on advertising bills and signs. It's also a homage to the figure of the woman like fetish and permanent icon of publicity and propaganda. The main thread of the film is the Tango Afiches (words by Homero Expósito and music by Atilio Stampone, written in 1956 and sung by Roberto Goyeneche in 1973). The film uses the language of the video clip, but with documentary essence, because its object is to show the town with a different view. Cruel en el cartel is part a larger project integrating other musical themes.

Downloadable ballroom Tango clips

Downloadable Piazzola Video snippet

Downloadable Video Link List from Tango e Vita, Belgium

Let's Dance Tango - Juan Carlos Copes

Tamango on YouTube
Watch several songs of Tamango.

Tango Video and information sharing community on the net.

Tango Television
YouTube group. This channel is dedicated to showing to the world what "Real Argentine Tango" looks like. These are not "tango show" or ballroom style performances. These performances are all improvised.

DVD's, CD's, books.

Tangobar Videos
Videos of Nito and Elba, Orlando Paiva, and Lampazo. Also available are a few hard to find and unusual ArgentineTango films.

Fabián Salas, tango teacher, dancer, and choreographer has created a series of instructional videos that teach authentic Argentine Tango in 10 lessons.

Tejastango Video Resources for the Tango Dancer
Listings, reviews and ratings of videos offering instruction in Argentine tango, including sections on videos about beginning tango, technique and structure, intermediate and advanced tango steps and figures, milonguero-style tango, orillero, canyengue, fantasia, milonga, vals and individual styles.

Music, CD's

Also see "general shops" category above.


Atlanta Dance World
Links to Tango mp3 sites

Buy and Sell Vinyl
Buy and sell used and rare vinyl records on line. 45's, LP's, 78's and 16's - all vinyl - only vinyl, listed for sale by vinyl collectors from around the world. If you cannot find your search request here, then links are provided to find your request elsewhere. Large lot ad for large collections.

Danzarin Sweden CD's
Browse among and listen to collection of Tango CDs. Have over 300 titles.

D'Arienzo Discography
The basis of the discography of Juan D'Arienzo is the track listing of a set of almost 50 audio-tapes "Colección Cronológica - Para coleccionistas".

DBN Discos
Distribuidora Belgrano Norte, Latin music.


Discos Fuentes
Latin music label.

Latin music store.

Turkish music store, have some Turkish Tango CD's.

Los Hermanos Abalos
For over 60 years Hermanos Abalos have performed the folk music of Argentina. Includes mp3 samples.

Mañana, The Tango of Tomorrow
The official website of the label "Mañana", created by Eduardo Makaroff (Gotan Project). It is dedicated to tango and other Argentinean music, with artists such as Cáceres, Di Giusto, Melingo or Mosalini. Provides excerpts from the albums and information about the artists.

Milonga UK
Where tango dancers can find out about tango music. Advises you which CDs to get and why. The information rests on 12 years of study of Argentine Tango music. Offer to help with queries.

Not just a single online music store, but a clearing house for over 3500 independent record stores from all over the world offering millions of titles of rare music albums and out-of-print music CDs. Search all these record shops at once based on the price, selection or location.

Oriente Music, Germany
Project of music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts. Ranges from the eastern province of Cuba to the Indian subcontinent, from klezmer to Tango, from cabaret singers to wedding bands. We are not fixed on a certain genre, but on a certain quality and a certain approach to music; if you want to pigeon-hole it, you might call it 'world chamber music'.

The internet home of Astor Piazzola and his Tango Nuevo.

Reliqias Collection
Website for people who are interested in the CDs of the Reliquias collection. There are currently 161 Reliquias discs in the database. Reliquias is not fully dedicated to tango, therefore some of the discs contain other kind of music.

Some downloadable New Tango music from KO-Arts

Tango Music Accademia, Rome, Italy
Tango music courses.

Tango Viejo old Tango for Piano
Sampler of the richly varied, romantic tangos written for solo piano during the early years of the twentieth century.

Tango Club offers a collection of digitally remastered music from Tango legends such as D'Arienzo, Canaro, Pugliese, Juan Pacho Maglio and more. A full year membership features 12 CDs in deluxe packaging with commentary and liner notes.

Universelles, France
CD's and scores of dance music: tango, paso doble, valse, musette, baïon, merengue, biguine, boogie,  marche, blues rock, bolero, blues, calypso, cha cha cha, chanson, charleston, disco, folk, fox, guaracha, java, jerk, madison, mambo, mazurka, modern style, polka, pop, ranchera, rock, rumba, samba, rythm and blues, slow rock, step, swing, tango chanté, tropical, twist, french cancan, habanera, ragtime, sega, boston, chorale, bounce, polka fox, jazz, medium, slow, raggae, moderato, bossa nova, lambada, galop, zouk...

World Of Diatonics and Bandoneons
Pictures, scores, addresses, artists, books.


Antiques Boedo Radios
Collector of radios from 1920 to 1960. Aquí va a encontrar Radios Antiguas Valvulares. Esta pagina está formada por aparatos entre los años 1.920 hasta 1.960.

Batanga Music Portal
Free Latin Radio.

FM Tango Rosario, Argentina
Also offers Tango lyrics.

FM2000 Radio Tango Argentino
Amigos y amigas tangueros, nuevamente estamos con renovado contenido y con algunas incorporaciones que realizamos a lo largo de estos meses.

La 2x4
Tango radio from Buenos Aires.

Radio Cubik
Various styles, including Tango. Free.

London's first radio art station.

Educational radio show about Argentine tango, Portsmouth, NH. Downloadable shows on different topics - dance, music, people, poetry, literature and communities. List of alternative tango music (alterna-tango) with sampling snippets.


Also see "general shops" category above.


Argentine Tango - Class Companion
Valuable companion for all students of Argentine Tango, as it introduces the reader to the history and cultural context of the dance, together with key insights. Written in a clear and accessible style, this makes an excellent and enjoyable compliment to dance classes at every level of ability. Prologue by Damian Esell. Also available at http://www.lulu.com/content/882729

Book with solution to foot pain

Dance Teacher
The magazine for dance professionals.

Gardel, La Biografia
Website of the book. Has a newsletter, a forum and a database of his songs. In Spanish.

Kiss and Tango
Review by the Washington Post. Marina Palmer's chatty memoir of her adventures in the Argentine capital arrives at what seems to be a propitious time. HBO has shelved "Sex and the City," "Desperate Housewives" is in reruns, and the American appetite for vicarious sensuality is being only partly sated by a new series that features ballroom dancing. "Dancing With the Stars," in which professional ballroom champions pair with vaguely familiar "celebrities" to trip -- make that stumble -- the light fantastic, has been a hit since it began airing last month. So Kiss & Tango, a frank, explicit diary of an attractive young woman's many amorous and terpsichorean couplings, seems ideally poised to fill a gap in the zeitgeist.

Rasche Notation
Book on 'Rasche Notation', a new notation system for writing the dance steps of Argentine Tango. The website provides information, an introduction and links.

Sonia Abadi's Book "El Bazar de los Abrazos" (Spanish)

Tango Mascarada, online book

Tao of Tango
The surprising and transformational results of applying the rules of Tango to everyday life.

Magazines and E-Zines 

In Spanish and English.

Revista internacional de Tango Argentino. Bilingüe con agenda de milongas en seis idiomas. Todo el Tango en una sola revista: Profesores, milongas, orquestas, espectáculos, historia y mucho mas. Baja tu ejemplar en formato PDF gratis.

Dance Magazine

El Farolito
Paris Tango Magazine, in French, English and Spanish. Only covers are displayed, no online content.

El Once Tango Magazine, London
Provides world-wide listings on where to dance, learn or listen to Tango, with articles, interviews, news, gossip, letters, photographs and details of professional and non-professional dancers. There's a where-to-buy and where-to-stay section.

Gazetta Tango
Newsletter in French and English issued every two weeks.

Tango y Cultura Popular
Este boletín de noticias nació a partir de la necesidad de difundir la rica actividad cultural de la ciudad de Rosario y alrededores, en particular la relacionada al tango. La dinámica de su propio desarrollo lo ha convertido en un newsletter internacional, con lectores y colaboradores de todas partes del mundo. Tiene un estilo informal y ágil. Apunta particularmente a la integración de la comunidad tanguera, al intercambio artístico y de ideas, noticias, comentarios y experiencias. Te invitamos a suscribirte para recibirlo gratis en tu e-mail.

Tangodanza Magazine, Germany

Tangoreporter Magazine
Published in Spanish in Los Angeles, California, with interviews, biographies, CD and book reviews, tango lyrics, milongas, and tango news around the world.


Assasination Tango
Official Website of movie, with trailer.

Assasination Tango in IMDB

Asassination Tango Movie Review
One could call Robert Duvall's latest foray as writer/director/star a labor of love. But only if one were very generous, or very, very, very enamored of the actor who has given us some of the most compelling on-screen characters of the last 30 years...

Instruments & Scores

Accordion Links: Latin America

Milestones of tango sheet music, books, CD's and scores for accordion and bandoneon.

All infos on accordions. In German, English and French.

Bandonium Argentina
Shows an exclusive instrument collection, repaired and originals of various brands and styles. Photo gallery, information about each instrument and the possibility to ask questions online. Domingo Manzi is luthier of bandoneons.

Banoneon Chemnitz Concertina
Information, music, exhibition, instrument exchange, literature, shop.

Bianco's Bandoneon Store
The traditional bandoneon store in Montevideo, Uruguay is opening this page to reach bandoneon lovers worldwide.

Carlsfeld Bandoneon Supplier
Bandonion and Concertina Factory Klingenthal website.

Carsten Heveling Bandoneon, Germany
Restoration, Infos, History.

Hartenauer Bandoneon Supplier
Wir bieten Ihnen einen umfassenden Service für alle Handzuginstrumente. Ob Stimmungen, Reparaturen für Orchester oder Solisten, bei uns ist Ihr Instrument in den besten Händen. Germany.

Musician's Guide to the Club System Accordion

Musical Instruments
Where words are defined as pictures, for learning the exact names of objects. Different from a dictionary or from encyclopedia because the images replace the words.

Musicroom Scores
Selection of sheet music, books about music, tuition books, music software, and instruments & accessories.

Rund ums Bandonion (Bandoneon)
Meetings, historical information, club, tables, repairs. Carlsfeld, Germany, in German.

Sheet Music and Songbooks for Every Instrument.

Tango Klavier Piano: El Choclo Tango Noten, Akkorde, Midi
Helmut Sterr demonstrates how to play Tango chords, with score and mp3. In German.

Tango Shop
Online store for Tango Musicians.

Dance Partners

Over 32,900 dancers. Paid and free services.

De Danspartner Database, Netherlands
All styles, including AT.

Whether you are looking for a life partner, or just someone to hang out with, here you'll be able to find who you are looking for, locally or around the world. It's fun, interactive, safe and anonymous - until you decide to take it further. It's free to join and post your profile. When someone contacts you it costs you nothing - the only cost is when you initiate contact with someone.

Tanzmitmir, Vienna, Austria
Finde kostenlos einen Tanzpartner oder eine Tanzpartnerin, egal für welchen Tanzstil.

Dance Partners in Austria.

Dance Partners in Germany.

Art & Photography 

Adriana Groisman

Alexandra Quiroz
She specializes in artistic photography and also fashion and show. She lives and works in Buenos Aires. She has a degree in Communication Sciences, and has taken part in several exhibitions winning important prizes in some of them, like the one awarded by the Konex competition. The website also features Tango photography.

Alfred Currier
Painter. My work takes on two basic faces. The first and oldest is my plein air painting. The second and most demanding part of my work is my studio painting. These are impasto paintings and generally large in format.

Argentine Tango in Images
Art photography - Pictures of Argentine Tango dancing.

Body Painting, check out Aisha's Tango

Candice White Photography

Tango postcards and prints. Measuring 4 inches by 6 inches (about 10 centimeters by 15 centimeters), these tango postcards are printed commercially on a top-quality 300 line offset-press on premium card stock. These postcards are photo quality and they are suitable for framing, mailing or sharing. Tango photos modeled by tango instructors Caleb Cain Marcus and Ting Chin of Liquid Tango.

Dvora Kanegis
Artist for the Tango community. Paintings, prints and cards. Boulder, Colorado.

Kris Hotvedt, Vista Grande Design
Tango Paintings. New Mexico.

Artwork inspired by Tango.

Photographer and Videographer.

Selection of limited edition prints of original artwork by Hermione Frankel. Each of the eight prints captures a particular element of the Argentine tango

Tango Photographer.

Dance photos.

The Tango Connection
Promotion of Tango visual artists and their artwork in the Tango community, sale and auction of tango related arts, promotion and sale of tango related paraphernalia. St. Louis.

Timeless Tango
Derek Osborne's photo blog documenting some of his most recent ventures into the milongas. He has been involved in New York City's Argentine Tango scene for over a decade often with camera in hand.

Vintage Dance Images
All Vintage Dance Images graphics are available as magnets, blank folded note cards, and 2 sizes of posters. These are reproduced from a private collection of antique postcards and sheet music, most from pre-1925. They come from treasure-hunting sources all over the world. The image reproductions are faithful in detail (no digital alteration), and reveal evidence of the colorful histories, travels, and change of hands of the originals over many decades.