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Regional Portals

Regional Tango portals all over the world.

North America


Tangotrance, Anchorage
Information about the Anchorage, Alaska tango community. Anchorage is home to a small but very enjoyable milonga every Wednesday night at Club Soraya on 4th and C Street. I am grateful for everyone who continues to support the tango community in Anchorage and welcome anyone from out of town to come join us when they are visiting Alaska.


Bay Area Tango Association
Events, Classes and local info.

Fresno Tango Society, California
Join us to learn and dance the famous Argentine tango that was born in Buenos Aires, popularized in Europe, and is now enjoying a worldwide resurgence with its distinctive music, romantic style, and dramatic flourishes.

Tango Afficionado, California

Invitation to Dance Tango, Los Angeles
Welcome to Tango Hide-A-Way. Welcome to Prima Tango Salon.

Tango Mendocino
Events, workshops, articles.

Dance Afficionado
Online dance resources of Los Angeles.

San Francisco Tango - SFTango
Events and classes.

Tango addicts, San Diego

Tango San Diego
Where to dance Argentine Tango in San Diego.

Igor Polk San Francisco
Dancing Argentine Tango in San Francisco.

Bill's Argentine Tango Page - SanFranciscoTango
Argentine Tango in the San Francisco Bay Area, including classes, parties, private lessons, tango performances or lessons for your private parties or organizational events.


Tango in Colorado
Events, articles, classes.

TangoSprings, Pikes Peak Region
Community of some fifty tango dancers gathered to  promote the presence of Argentine Tango in the Colorado Springs area.

The Tango House, Denver Colorado
Established in November of 2003, I have been working hard to create a space particularly comfortable and inviting for Argentine Tango dancers.


Yale Tango Club
Created by a group of tango-dancing Yale graduate students in January 2003 as a solution to the common problem of Not Enough Tango Around Here. We're known in the region as a very friendly, young tango community. Organizes free beginners classes for Yale students, postdocs and their significant others. Our classes and workshops with Visiting Celebrity Tango Teachers are a big success. Our DJ also plays at tango venues in New York, Boston and around the Northeast.
Tango Club members go on tango field trips to New York, Boston and Providence.
The Tango Club CD Library is a free resource for members. 


Argentine Tango Society of Tallahassee
Bringing cultural enrichment and enjoyment of the dance, combined with the passion for its music, to the people in the Tallahassee area.

Tampa Tango
Information about Argentine Tango in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Victor Crichton is a teacher, performer, and organizer of Tango events. He has been involved with our Tango community since its beginning and has been teaching and organizing events continually since 1997.


Tango Evolution, Atlanta
Social club of Argentine Tango dancers from Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Dance World
Resources page for Atlanta, all styles.

Tango Atlanta
Organization dedicated to learning and promoting Argentine Tango as a social dance. Activities include weekly tango classes, special workshops with internationally known teachers, and frequent Milongas.

Atlanta Tango
Teaches the social version of tango as it is danced in the crowded clubs of Buenos Aires. Inform about weekly tango events in Atlanta and about special events in other US cities. Several times a year, invite master teachers from Buenos Aires and Europe to visit for special workshops.


Boise Tango Society
Boise Tango Society members come together to practice, learn and celebrate Argentine Tango in all its forms and to promote Tango in the community.


American Tango Institute
Non-profit organization dedicated to developing educational, social and therapeutic activites based on Argentine tango. Programs are designed to introduce the elements of tango that can enhance the human body by strengthening the core, and enrich the human spirit by inviting dancers to express and share profound human emotions with others. Festivals, Milongas, Classes.

Tango Chicago
Information, practicas, milongas.

Tango in Chicago
Objective is to promote authentic Argentinean culture.

Free newsletter for the Chicago Tango community.

Joe's Tangoweb Illinois
Guide to Argentine Tango in Central Illinois.

Gateway to Tango in Central Illinois and the Midwest. Official website of the Tango Society of Central Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Tango Corner, Illinois


La Milonguera - Argentinian Tango Club of Purdue
Student organization at Purdue University, W.Lafayette, is devoted to the promotion and enjoyment of everything related to Argentinean Tango. Everyone is welcome.


Tango Maine
Argentine Tango in Maine.


Baltimore Tango
Baltimore Tango is a non-organized assortment of devotees of close-embrace milonguero-style argentine tango. We're all levels from beginner to fanatic, all types of people and welcome newcomers without forgetting we were there just a short time ago. We've learned we dance with the whole room as well as our partners, and we get to be better tangueros together.  So we host teachers from afar, organize classes, milongas (dance evenings) and weekend festivals of lessons and dancing. And, sporadically, guerilla milongas erupt in warehouses, on piers and in the streets of Baltimore.


Berkshire Tango Society
Milonga, Classes and Practica.

Todo Tango, New England
Tango information for Boston, New England, and other locales.

Club Argentino at MIT, Boston
Everyone is welcome.

Tango Society of Boston
Incorporated in June 1997 as a Massachusetts non-profit organization dedicated to the support and growth of the Argentine Tango. Within 5 months, it already had 250 members, and the numbers are growing weekly. While there are many facets to the Argentine Tango—the music and the culture being among the most prominent—it is the dance that brings most of us together. Our membership has people from all walks of life, and has probably 20 or more countries represented.

Tangopulse, Massachusetts
Events, classes, DJ, organizers, teachers, articles, interviews, attire, photos.


Argentine Tango Detroit
Growing tango community in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Our dancers are warm, friendly and enthusiastic about tango. From beginner to advanced, we welcome you to come and join our activities. There are group classes and milongas each week where you can enjoy the fun and excitement of learning to dance the romantic Argentine Tango while socializing with new friends.

Michigan Argentine Tango Club
Our group consists of students from the University of Michigan and community members from Ann Arbor and surrounding areas, all of whom are very enthusiastic (read crazy...) about the dance.

Latin & Argentine Tango Club of Detroit.


Tango Society of Minnesota
Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and fostering Argentine Tango in Minnesota.


Tango Rosa, St. Louis
We invite all of you to experience our Tango Dance for we have recreated the Tango ambiance of  Buenos Aires. Out of town visitors are always welcome. Join us whether you dance Tango, watch Tango, or just listen to the Music.

Tango St. Louis


Dedicated to promoting tango in Helena, Montana. It contains workshop information, practica information, technique and other information.

From Bozeman, Montana devoted to the promotion of Argentine Tango in Montana and surrounding areas.


Zapatos Rojos
Tango in Las Vegas. Information pertaining to Argentine tango teachers, milongas, events, and workshops. 

Las Vegas Tango

Dedicated to the promotion of Argentine Tango on Long Island.

New Hampshire

AT Association of New Hampshire
Information about classes, milongas, practicas and workshops in the area, but specifically where to go to dance A.T. in New Hampshire.

New Jersey

Tango in Princeton, New Jersey
No experience or partner necessary. Weekly Classes and workshops.

Firehouse Tango, New Jersey
We have attracted a diverse group of warm, positive, happy folks who come week after week to dance, socialize, eat and have a great time. Even as our following grows dramatically, we somehow manage to maintain the warm, friendly and intimate environment. 

Alexander & Marcela, New Jersey
Events, music.

New York

Albany Tango Society, Albany
dedicated to promoting Argentine Tango in New York's Capital District Area with weekly practicas, classes and monthly milongas.

Celebrate Tango, New York
We organize classes, workshops and exciting social events for the community to learn, explore and move to the rhythms of the passionate culture that is Argentine Tango. We have something for you if you are brand new or already hooked on tango or somewhere in between.

NYC Dance or Learn Argentine Tango
Events, classes.

Dance Tango
Current Tango events in New York City.

Ithaca Tangueros, NY
Ithaca, a city with a lively tango scene, has milongas at least once a week, strong local tango instruction, as well as workshops by visiting teachers. The weekly tango dance schedule is electronically posted on the local tango server.

Binghamton Tango Society
Milongas, classes, events.

Westchester Tango
Milongas and lessons.

Argentine Tango Lovers of Long Island
Events, pictures, store.

Tango in Buffalo
Focal point for the Argentine Tango community on the Niagara Frontier. This is our second attempt, beginning in mid 2004, to build an awareness of this wonderful dance in the area.

Tango in Albany
Argentine Tango Events in the Capital District: Albany, Schenectady, Troy. T-Shirts.

Woodstock Tango
Host weekly classes, monthly milongas and special workshops featuring outstanding dancer/teachers from NYC and Buenos Aires.

North Carolina

Tangophilia, North Carolina
Classes and events are regularly scheduled in the Raleigh-Durham/Research Triangle area. Special workshops and performances by Tangophilia are also scheduled across North Carolina.


Cincinnati Tango Zone
The vision of the organization is to present and invite participation in Argentine cultural events to an increasingly culturally diverse audience in the Tristate area.

Tango Cleveland
Argentine tango in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tango OSU, Ohio State University
An Argentine Tango student organization at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. It's purpose is to promote quality instruction and regular practice at OSU and serve the Tango needs of central Ohio. We welcome all dancers.


Portland Area Tango
Events, workshops.

Carrie Whipple, Portland, OR
Instruction, Tango Pants, pictures.


Pittsburg AT Society
Mission: To make Argentine Tango Pittsburgh’s most popular social dance. PATangoS searches for creative opportunities to teach and promote Argentine tango in the greater Pittsburgh area. Activities include classes, workshops, milongas, and performances around Pittsburgh and beyond.

Rhode Island

Providence Tango
Events, workshops in Rhode Island.

South Carolina

Charleston AT Society
Milonga, mailing list.


SA Tango, San Antonio
Learn about Tango, learn how to Dance, find places to enjoy it. Dance Tango tonight!

Tango Dallas
Events, contacts.

Tango Houston
Non profit organization formed by dancers dedicated to the education, promotion and development of Argentine Tango in the Houston Area.

Tangueros del Valle
Argentine Tango in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.


Wasatch Tango Club, Salt Lake City
Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Argentine Tango in the Salt Lake City, UT area and beyond. Provides information about Argentine Tango events in the Salt Lake City area. There are classes and practicas (practice sessions) several nights a week, regular and special milongas and Workshops.


Brattleboro Area Argentine Tango Society- BrAATS
Events, workshops, photos and special events, Vermont.


Richmond Tango
A social dance group to further the appreciation of Argentine Tango in the Richmond, Virginia community, to include both instruction and the provision of opportunities for social dancing. A non-profit group whose membership is open to anyone who appreciates Argentine Tango.


Tango Seattle
Tango, Waltz, Swing, Blues, Salsa, Zydeco Dancing at Sonny's.

All Seattle Tango
Eat, breathe, Tango.

Washington D.C.

Capital Tangueros Washington D.C.
Community of Tango dancers dedicated to the growth of Argentine Tango in the greater Washington D.C. area. We do this by "spreading the word" - our major activity is sharing information on Tango with a weekly newsletter containing local events. The Capital Tangueros' goal is to provide the most complete information available.

DC Dancenet
Partner Dancing Site in the Washington, Baltimore, PA, Central VA, areas and beyond. It's a  Free service for Dancers. Dance-News email Updates are in digest form 3 days each week supplying information on local and other Tango events, instruction, studios, places to Dance, competitions, class schedules, Shopping, and more.

Washington Baltimore Tango
Maintain email list, host dances and workshops. Promote Argentine Tango events and classes local to Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area. 


Madison Tango Society of Madison
A not-for-profit organization, with goals of expanding the love of tango, encouraging instruction in the Madison area, reaching out to other dance communities, and continuing a positive learning environment for dancers at all levels. Practicas take place every week, where people informally teach each other tango techniques and movements. Monthly milongas are held on the first Saturday of every month with frequent prior tango class. Guest instructors from all over the world plus regular classes with local instructors.


Argentine Tango in Winnipeg

All Vancouver Tango
Supports and publicizes Argentine tango events and activities in Vancouver and surroundings.

Club Tango Argentino, Calgary
A group of Argentine Tango enthusiasts whose goal is to develop a thriving Argentine Tango community in Calgary, with multiple dance venues and regular visits from first-class international teachers and dancers. All of our local teachers have been studying Tango for several years.

Dance Calgary
Classes, events.

Tango Toronto
Club Milonga is Toronto's only non-profit tango organization. The Club's aims are to promote Argentine tango in Toronto, to provide lessons to dancers of all levels in an informal and friendly atmosphere, and to disseminate information about Argentine tango in Toronto and out of town.

Tango Vita, Victoria, British Columbia
Here to satisfy the people of Victoria's need to dance the beautiful and passionate dance of Argentine Tango. We are here to help you learn to dance, to practice, to provide dances and inform you of local and regional events.

Tango with Passionate Intensity
Tango Club of Albuquerque, Canada - Newsletter articles, play lists for dancing, dance music, pictures.

Latin America


Website of the Tango magazine. It offers a free downloadable PDF version of the magazine and regional information such as teachers, milongas, orchestras, events and history.

All About Tango
Designed to be a complete English language guide to the Argentine Tango.

Academia Nacional del Tango (Spanish)
Aims to preserve Tango's legacy. This is Horacio Ferrer's "baby" where the tango library is housed.

Buenos Aires Tango
TANGO of Buenos Aires: milongas, teachers, places where to learn how to dance and the tango shows in Buenos Aires. Cultural exhibitions such as Art, literature, theatre, articles and essays connected with Tango. How to make the best tango tour in Buenos Aires.

Café Tango
Situado en Santander, el Café Tango es considerado como el principal punto de encuentro para todos los amantes del tango en Cantabria.

De Tanguoeros
Biographies, festivals, news, interview, CD's, DVD's, books.

Asociacion de Milongas
The objective of the Milonga’s Association is joining all the people who work for Tango in Argentina and all the world with the intention of promoting the popular culture of the city of Buenos Aires, its music, its dance, its plastic arts, and its literature. Buenos Aires.

Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino

La Asociación de Maestros, Bailarines y Coreógrafos de Tango

El Diario del Tango
Event guide, classifieds.

Silvia Dopacio
Provides Services and goods: Tango Lesson Dance Show, articles, seminars, lyrics, bandoneon and dance lessons, poetry, CD's.

Tango Shows in Buenos Aires
A guide to the best Argentine tango shows. Read editorial and user-created reviews, compare prices, and book online.

Provides listings of Milongas, classes, a large section on Tango artists' biographies and discographies and a newsletter. You can also buy CD's, videos and Tango accessories.


Riotango Brasil
Events, Photos.

BardeTango Brazil
Pictures and events, Brazil.

Danca de Salao
Portal de Tango no Brasil.

Costa Rica

Classes, Milongas. San Jose.


Tango in Queretaro, Mexico
Classes, Practicas, Milongas and Events.



The Tango Portal - Scandinavia
All about Tango Argentino in Scandinavia.


Tango GRAZioso, Graz
One of the most active Tango Argentino scenes in Austria. Classes for beginners and intermediates, workshops with Argentine maestros and European teachers, concerts and milongas with live music, festivals.


2 Tango, Belgium - 2tango.be

Passion de tango
Where to dance tango in Belgium with maps, calendars, mailing lists and pictures. Also lists Tango music favorites.

Tangoteca, Belgium - Label Infos, Bandoneon, Discography, What's on

Tango E Vita, Belgium

Tango in Belgium and Abroad - tango.be

Tango Argentino in Brussels

Czech Republic

Organizes the teaching of Argentine tango, both regular classes and workshops with foreign masters, organizes milongas and tango concerts. Its goal is to spread and promote this part of Argentine culture amongst Prague and Czech public.



Amigos del Tango, Finland

Tango, Finland


Armor Tango
Une association loi 1901 pour la pratique et la diffusion du Tango Argentin sur la Bretagne et le Finistère Sud en particulier.

Bailando Tango
Tango argentin à Nice et présentation des grands orchestres de tango avec extraits musicaux.

Cours, Bals, Festivals Tango Argentin Paris & France

French Tango Association

La Casa del Tango, Paris
A multicultural space located in north-eastern Paris, near the Buttes Chaumont Park. Here, you find the tango in all its forms (dance, music, photo, art). A place for cultural exchanges, artistic expression, teaching and learning. Intimate (70 m2 - non-smoking), with a comfortable and colourful decor. Learn, dance, listen to, admire and even play the tango yourself.

Les Temps du Tango
L'association Le Temps du Tango, vous propose ses activités autour du tango argentin, à Paris et en province.

Tango in Lille, France

Tango in Nice

Tango in Nice - el Gato Tanguero

Tango-Argentin, Paris

Tangueando Ibos

Tangueando Toulouse


AC Tango, Aachen

ArgenTango, Bodensee
Informiert über den Tango im Argentango-Land, der Region Bodensee / westliches Allgäu. Sie finden hier aktuell die regelmäßigen Tanz-Möglichkeiten (Salons), Unterrichtsangebote und Workshops, besondere Veranstaltungen und alle sonstigen Termine für die Szenen in Wangen, Ravensburg, Friedrichshafen, Lindau und
Tanzgelegenheiten in Altshausen, Bad Waldsee und Heiligenberg. Informationen und Links zu anderen Szenen, gedruckten Publikationen, bundesweiten Tanzkalendern, Einkausmöglichkeiten von Tango-Musik runden das Ganze ab.

Bailamos Tango / Milongas in Dresden
Tango courses, Milongas and Photos of Dresden, Germany

Bonn Tango
Auf dieser Seite findet Ihr Informationen zu unseren Kursen und Workshops, sowie zu Tanzgelegenheiten im Raum Bonn/Köln und einige weiterführende Links.

Cayengue, Hamburg
Diese Seite richtet sich an alle am originalen Tango aus Argentinien und Uruguay interessiert sind. Es werden speziell alle Hamburger Ereignisse besonders gewürdigt.

Dino's Tango Portal
Soll die aktuellen Informationen über Tango Argentino in Deutschland möglichst vollständig und immer aktuell verfügbar machen. Tangopartnerbörse.

Frauke and Dino's Tango Portal

G-Tango, Gera, Thüringen
Events, articles, pictures.

li:berTango e.V.- Tango-OWL, Ostwestfalen
Events, workshops, newsletter.

Events, addresses, classes, workshops, trips.

Rosenheim Tango
Events, classes.

Saludo! Tango Argentino
Informiert über regelmäßige tango salons sowie über tango-bälle.

Siempre Tango, Karlsruhe
Events, classes, newsletter.

Tango Argentino Rostock
Events, pictures, articles, dance partners.

Tango Braunschweig / Casa Latina
Workshops, milongas.

Tango Club
Events, trips, fashion, classes, books, art, dance partners, newsletter.

Tango Emoción, Tübingen
Inzwischen zu einer Gruppe von ca. 50 begeisterten Tänzerinnen und Tänzern herangewachsen, die den Tango mit all seiner Leidenschaft und Ausdruckskraft in Tübingen tanzen. Ehrenamtlich organisieren wir unsere Tanzabende, große und kleine Feste, Kurse für AnfängerInnen und Fortgeschrittene, Übungsstunden und laden uns regelmäßig auswärtige TangolehrerInnen zu Workshops ein.

Tango in Ulm
Events, classes, articles, jewelry, music.

Tango Ludwigsburg
Kurse, Tanzabende, Konzerte, Bälle und weitere kulturelle Aktivitäten gehören zum Repertoire von Tango Argentino Ludwigsburg e.V.

Tango München
Milongas, Adressen, Galerie, Forum, Kurse, Workshops, Urlab, Veranstalter.

Tangobücher, Tangokurse, Tango, Show, Gedichte, Literatur, Tangogedichte.

Tangofatal, Braunschweig
Informationen über Tango Argentino in Braunschweig, aktuelle Workshops und Kurse, Tanzveranstaltungen und alle wichtigen Kontakte zur Tangoszene in Braunschweig und zu TANGOfatal.

Informiert als Onlinemagazin aktuell und umfassend zum Thema Tango Argentino für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz. Neben einem Serviceteil, in dem wir u.a. regionale Veranstaltungskalender, regionale Tanzpartnerbörsen, Online-Ticketing und eine Festival-Übersicht anbieten, berichten wir in unserem redaktionellen Teil mit Artikeln aus und über die Tango-Community. Zu unserem Portfolio gehört zudem das Online-Portal tangoberlin.de.

TangoMainz, Mainz
In "El Tesoro" können Interessierte die Tänze vom Rio de la Plata - Tango Argentino, Vals und Milonga - in Kursen, Workshops und Einzelunterricht erlernen. Donnerstags und samstags treffen sich die "Tangueros und Tangueras" zum Tanz.

Events, workshops and lessons. Leipzig, Germany

Music, events, merchandise.

Workshops, classes, events, articles.

Tangoseiten Ansbach
Neuigkeiten zum Thema Tango Argentino in den Regionen Ansbach, Dortmund (Tango Benyi) und Nürnberg (Tangoschmiede). Zudem allerlei Informationen und Links zum Thema Tango Argentino.

Tango-Werkstatt, Regensburg
Eine kulturelle Einrichtung zur Förderung des argentinischen Tangos.

Dance Portal in Karlsruhe, all styles.

Tangokultur in und um Lübeck.

Typisch Tango
Gegründet im Jahr 1996, organisiert der Tango Argentino e.V. Erfurt regelmäßige Tanzabende, Konzerte und Tanzbälle mit teilweise über 100 Besuchern (Auftritt von Lidia Borda am 14. Juni 2005 im Johannes-Lang-Haus). Provides information about events, courses and a lot more about Argentine Tango in the city of Erfurt (Thuringia) in Germany. Site is in German.


Tango in Greece

All about tango in Greece: downloads, music, movies, milongas.


Argentine Tango Hungary - Holgyvalasz

Milonga, Hungary

Milonga Hungary - tango.hungary.org


Tango Club Reykjavik, Iceland


Tango Fever
Compadrito Tango was born in Ireland with the intent of offering people the opportunity to learn and dance Tango through a variety of event such as classes, milongas, workshops, festivals and more. We work with a group of international dancers, musicians and actors- all sharing the same passion for Tango- to bring you the best of Tango dance and music. We intend to bring Tango off the stage and make it once again what it was in its origins: a social dance for all in the real Buenos Aires spirit!

Tango Ireland


Amor y Tango Argentino, Palermo, Italy- tangoargentino.altervista.org

Argentino Tango, Italy

Centro del Tango Argentino Astor Piazzola, Tome, Italy - tangoargentino.it

Centro del Tango Argentino, Rome

E Allora Tango, Italy
Associazione Culturale - Mantova

FAI Tango - Italian Tango Association

Milango, Tango Association in Milano

Padova, Italy - tuttoiltangoapadova

PadovaTango, Padova, Italy

RomaTango (Rome)

Tango Argentino
TangHolidays. Nel sito trovi informazioni circa le Vacanze Tango in Italia, spettacoli, stages e la scuola di Tango a Roma a cura di Carla Maria Paz in collaborazione con riconosciuti maestri Argentini. Trovi inoltre il curriculum del maestro,ballerino e coreografo Argentino Ricardo Luis Gallo, album fotografico di esibizioni e vacanze, forum tangheri e tante altre informazioni utili per gli appassionati di Tango Argentino.

TANGO ITALIA - aaanetserv.com

Tango, Italy


Lessons, workshops, events and projects around Argentine Tango and Culture. Argentijnse tango in Utrecht, Nederland en buitenland.

Stichting ter bevordering van de Argentijnse Tango.

La Cadena, Netherlands
Oldest tangomagazine in Europe - Since 1993, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Language: Dutch.
Wij stellen ons met trots gaarne aan u voor: La Cadena, Nederlands enige tangoblad en hét medium voor diegene die uitgebreid geïnformeerd wil worden over alles wat met Argentijnse Tango van doen heeft, en dat al sinds 1993.

Tango el Cisne, Tango by the Sea, Netherlands

Tango el Gancho, Utrecht, Netherlands


Argentine Tango in Oslo

Bergen Tango


Tango Nuestro - Tango argentyƄskie Polsce | Tango in Poland
Everything about the Tango community in Poland


Casa del Tango
In Russian.

Milonga, Russia

Tango in Kiev, Russia - www.milonga.kiev.ua/phpBB2

Tango in Russia


Belgrade Tango Association
Belgrade Tango Association - Belgrade Tango School, Beltango quinteto, Orquesta tipica Tango Juventud, organization of Belgrade Tango Festival, gran milongas and tango concerts in Belgrade.

Belgrade Tango club, the hot spot for Tango dancers in Serbia. Argentine Tango classes with dancer and choreographer Adam Vucetic. All about the Tango scene in Belgrade: news, Tango shows, performances, milongas.


Tango News in Slovenia- Tango-Slo.com

Tango Events in Slovenia- TangoSlo.org


El Desbande Tango
Events, classes, photos, Barcelona, Spain.

Tango TanGato, Madrid, Spain


Argentine Tango in Gotheburg, Sweden - argentinsktango.nu

Club Tango
Arrange milongas, workshops, practicas, parties, and other events. We been doing tango events since the early 90´s, and had the honor to have some of the best tangodancers in the world here with Clubtango and Restaurang Pelé. Info about events, classes and milongas.

Tango Be Geer, Norrköping Tango Club, Sweden

Tango Buenos Aros, Sweden

TangoPortalen, Sweden - tangoportalen.com


Amitango, Lugano

Che Tango, Bern
Der Verein für den Tango Argentino in Bern. Wir sorgen für mindestens eine Tanzgelegenheit pro Woche, die allen Tänzerinnen und Tänzern offensteht. Organisation von Kursen, Workshops, Bällen und Konzerten.

Cumparsita, Region Biel
Informationen für Tangotänzer/Innen, Region Biel  mit Bern Neuchâtel und Fribourg.

Tango Fribourg



Leonardo & Bridget, London - tango-fandango.co.uk

London Tango
Milonga, courses, wine bar.

Northwest UK - argentinetango.co.uk

Rojo y Negro Club, London - Classes, Events


Hong Kong/China

Tangohk, Hongkong

Tangotang Hong Kong Tango Club


Tangueros meet for Systematic Practica on every Saturday afternoon at Tango O Nada in Seoul, Republic of Korea since 2001. Facilitator: Michum (Dr. kwon)'s e-mail is ysikwon@hotmail.com for any inquiry of every day Milonga information in South Korea.


Tango Malaysia


Tango in Singapore


Tango in Bangkok
The site for all Argentine Tango lovers in Bangkok, Thailand. Learn to Tango, practice Tango, dance Tango, watch Tango, meet other Tangueras y Tangueros.
The Tango community in Bangkok is still very small but growing.


Ankara Tango, Turkey

Istanbul Tango
Argentine Tango news especially on Istanbul, Turkey (and all of Turkey included). Events, milongas, schools, links and addresses.

Tango ITU, Istanbul
English and Turkish articles, reviews, interviews, music and videos.

Tango in Istanbul


South Africa

Cape Town Tango

Tango Johannesburg
An information site for the Argentinean Tango community in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surroundings, with milongas, events, classes and teacher details.


A Little Buenosaires, New South Wales
Aims to re-create the atmosphere for people in Sydney to share the true essence of the Tango of Buenos Aires and to bring together friends from all walks of life who share sentimental feelings towards Tango. Experience Tango in Sydney through weekly Tango classes, weekly and monthly Tango milongas, specialty tango workshops and events.

Adelaide Tango Club

Cambalache Tango Club, Launceston

Latin Dance and Music in South East Queensland

Melbourne Tango Directory

Perth Tango Club

Siempre Tango, Adelaide

Sydney Tango

Tango Club of Canberra

Tango.com.au by Juan Rando

TangoInfo, Melbourne
Tango Info - Tango in Melbourne Australia

Tango Melbourne
Full calender of events and articles for the Melbourne Tango community

Tango Salon Adelaide
Focus on musicality, strong connection and sound technique - fundamental elements of the intimate and elegant social dance of Argentina.

Tango Synergy, Sydney

Tasmanian Club de Tango (Hobart)

New Zealand

Argentine Tango in New Zealand

Tango Christcurch